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To appear as a normal part of the home, these cut-outs, which also double as storm covers, are installed. But they can be moved to cover all vulnerable points of access to the home when required. On the shipping container home, we also install metal bars on the outside of the windows. On our steel slider doors, we have lockboxes available.


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Have you ever thought of considering shipping container homes? If yes, then you must be ready for a real surprise. On the market, shipping container homes are the most sound and environmentally stable form of home development for starters today.


The flexible prefab system calls for individual customer-based solutions, with several layout options. They can be used either as individual units or larger buildings made up from a combination of units. A flexible panel system and the installation of partition walls allows for design of any room- or building size.


The builder is allowed to develop multi-story dwellings by the overall structural strength of a shipping container, offering a larger living space without expanding its footprint. The unit can withstand 65,000 lbs of stacked weight due to the heavy corrugated steel framing.


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