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Star Home Nursing has been one of the most reliable and relied upon newborn baby care and home nursing services in Dubai. We provide the best home nursing care at the comfort of your home by providing high quality and timely services. Visit :


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Newborn Baby Home Care Tips By Star Home Nursing Dubai

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★ All things considered you have taken care of the distresses of nine months of pregnancy and effectively endured the fervour of labor and delivery and now another life is before you. ★ There are numerous essential things to remember while dealing with your infant.

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Here are few tips for taking care of a newborn baby.

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1.Hold Your Baby with Care ● Infants have exceptionally floppy necks as the muscles have not grown legitimately. ● Supporting the head and neck will likewise make it simpler for you to hold your child and your infant would be less inclined to bouncing out of ones arms.

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2.Help Your Baby Latch on during Breastfeeding ➢ The choice to breastfeed your child is extraordinary compared to other blessings you can provide for your infant. ➢ Breast milk has numerous health advantages including fortifying your infants immunity.

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3.Burp Your Baby ● The air that your infant takes in amid breastfeeding can meddle with your little ones digestion. ● It is essential to burp your child to free the overabundance air.

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4.Give Sponge Baths in the Beginning ❏ It is vital to give your infant sponge bath until the point that the staying umbilical string tumbles off. ❏ Keep in mind that when the umbilical rope is kept dry it tumbles off quicker. This may take 2 to 3 weeks.

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5.Influence the Baby to sleep over the Back ★ Regardless of whether it is for a short rest amid the day or a long haul sleep in the night always put your child on his or her back. ★ This is the most secure rest position for a healthy child.

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6.Change Diapers Timely ➔ A wet or ruined diaper can make your infant inclined to disease or bothersome and agonizing diaper rashes. ➔ Subsequently you have to continue checking your childs diaper every now and then.

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Newborn care is very essential hence you can also hire a maternity home nurse to take care of your new born as these professionals are well trained and have through knowledge about Newborn care. Star home is one such organisation which provides new born baby home care services.

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Star Home Nursing Dubai Visit : Call : 97142943326

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