What other Conditions can be Treated by Chiropractic Care?

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The chiropractic treatment is found very effective in treating different types of spinal disorders that trigger nerve pain or musculoskeletal pain.


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 The chiropractic treatment is found very effective in treating different types of spinal disorders that trigger nerve pain or musculoskeletal pain.  Before treating the chiropractor performs a neurological and physical examination to make an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes CT-Scan or X-ray examination is also suggested.

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❖ What are the conditions that can be treated by chiropractic care  Here are some examples. ➢ Back sprain or strain  It is said that every three out of four people experience back pain or strain sometimes in life.  A sprain is typically caused when the ligaments that hold bones together get torn or overstretched.  The strain is caused when someone lifts the excessive weight bend or twist improperly or perform strenuous activity. It involves muscles and tendon. There is an aching pain burning or stabbing sensation.

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➢ Neck pain  There is a sharp pain felt at the back of the head behind the eyes and in the temples. Sometimes it is mistaken for a cluster headache or migraine. ➢ Pain in the tail bone  People who ride a bike for long hours or sit for a long time get develop this pain. It gets worse with time.

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➢ Degenerative disc disease  As we grow older the intervertebral discs degenerate and break down. As they lose elasticity flexibility and shock absorption the risk of damage increases.  When the disc herniates presses the roots of the nearby nerve it causes intense pain. ➢ Referred pain  It is also known as Myofascial pain. It is a chronic pain disorder when there is an aching pain in seemingly unrelated parts of the body.  It happens when there is pressure on sensitive points in the muscles.

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➢ Sciatica  When the sciatic nerve or branch of it gets irritated or compressed there is a moderate to severe pain that travels below the knee of one leg.  Sometimes the pain is quite sharp and shooting. It is similar to an electric shock. ➢ Pain due to the leg length discrepancy  It is known as Limb Length Discrepancy as well. When there is a difference in the lengths of both legs due to structural deformity and postural issues it triggers pain.

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➢ Chiropractor can effectively treat these ailments  All the problems mentioned earlier need treatment from an expert chiropractor. He understands the problem finds out the inherent reason and plan treatment.  How effective is the treatment It depends on the knowledge of the chiropractor. Hence always go to a reputed experienced and well-known person.

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