Chiropractors: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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The Thuth About Chiropractors. Read More: Chiropractors are neuromuscular specialists who can treat neuromuscular disorders effectively. Let’s understand the good, bad and ugly part of chiropractic treatment. Website:


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Chiropractors: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

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The Truth about Chiropractors

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1. The good  Chiropractors are neuromuscular specialists who can treat neuromuscular disorders effectively. Let’s understand the good bad and ugly part of chiropractic treatment. ❑Chiropractors spend sufficient time in assessing the problem. Thus they can concentrate on the ‘why’ part.

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 Chiropractors perform a specific diagnosis of the problem. They study the lifestyle and other aspects. The root of the problem may be hidden behind some misleading symptom.  Hence the skill of chiropractor is to reveal the hidden reason. Since he is trained for it he can do it without any issue.  In short the ability to recognize the causative factors is the biggest strength and the ‘Good’ part of chiropractors. It is the reason they play an essential role in modern times.

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2. The Bad ❖ Sometimes chiropractors do not go into the details of the case. Instead of spending sufficient time in the ‘Why’ part they jump to the treatment. ❖ Thus some essential aspects get overlooked. It causes a disparity in the treatment. Patients do not receive the relief they expect.

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❖ One fundamental reason for it is the inability of the chiropractor is to consider the mechanism of injury and confusion about the inclusion and exclusion criteria. ❖ The damage to tissues can happen in many ways due to an incorrect posture due to repetitive stress developmental abnormalities accident and trauma and so on. ❖ If the assessment of it is not done correctly then the treatment may go haywire.

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3. The Ugly ➢ It is a fact that there are several misconceptions about the capabilities and strengths of a chiropractor. ➢ Several people have unreasonable expectations from them. Chiropractors are trained for relieving the pain and suffering but they aren’t the ‘one-point solution’ for all your problems. ➢ When they diagnose the problem correctly they deliver much higher value than expected. For that it is also vital that the chiropractors understand the ‘what’ ‘how’ and ‘why’ part before performing the treatment.

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➢ Once the three questions are answered the chance of exceeding patient expectation is high. ➢ Another ugly part with chiropractors is sometimes they do not stop the treatment and suggest the patients to meet some expert. ➢ Even if there is no significant improvement happens after a few sittings they prolong it as much as they can. It is not that there are always commercial interests they just don’t want to give up.

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