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THE BOOK OF PROVERBS Introduction This book contains instructions given in the form of proverbs. “A proverb is a short sentences conveying some moral truths or practical lessons in a concise and pointed form.” It is wisdom of experience condensed in to brief and pithy saying.

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Authorship Solomon’s name appears in the book (1:1, 10:1, 25:1).He spoke 3000 proverbs and 1005 songs (1 King. 4:32) The second collection of Solomon’s proverbs in25-29 was assembled by the scribe of king Hezekiah. Date & Occasion He wrote in 931 BC. The proverbs 25-29 collected by King Hezekiah 230 yrs. Later.

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PURPOSE The purpose of this book is explained in the opening verses (1:1-6). The object is “to know wisdom”. The proper use of this book Is not to teach men how to live in order to be saved But to teach men already saved how to live.


OUT LINE OF THIS BOOK The Praise of wisdom 1-9 The first collection of proverbs 10-24 The second collection of proverbs 25-29 Supplementary proverbs 30,31 Key word - Wisdom

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Solomon In his youth he wrote Song of Solomon B C. c 965 In his middle age he wrote proverbs B.C c. 950 In his last age he wrote Ecclesiastes B.C c. 935

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