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If you want to learn top level of speak in Thai, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chinese more languages, why do not join the one of the best language learning center in Singapore that is Stanford. More Info: www.stanford.com.sg


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Our Service Learn Vietnamese Language Chinese Lessons Singapore Chinese Courses Singapore Mandarin Classes Singapore Chinese Class Singapore Mandarin Course Singapore Thai Course Singapore Learn vietnamese Learn Thai www. stanford.com.sg


What You Need To Know About Thai And Vietnamese Language Tonal languages like Thai and Vietnamese are distinctive on their own. They are often claimed to be quite difficult to learn than most other languages in the world. The chief reason behind them, as many say is that you don’t just need to understand their grammar but due attention needs to be paid to their phonology. www. stanford.com.sg


Learn Vietnamese Language As you are about to learn Vietnamese language , you should know you are essentially learning an Austroasiatic language of the Mon Khmer branch. Prior to the reunification of Vietnam in 1975, both North and South Vietnam used to speak this language differently; however, after they merged, North Vietnamese who were poorer than South Vietnamese travelled to South in for of economic opportunities and this resulted in gradual homogeneity in their dialects and interchange of many colloquialisms. www. stanford.com.sg


Learn Thai If you are planning to learn Thai or Vietnamese, you might as well learn a little about their origin, basics, the reason behind their popularity and what would you gain out of it specifically. It helps you understanding Thai in much better way. Every language has its own emotions. To understand those emotions, you are required to understand the feelings of the people who belong to that culture. Translation the words is easy, but translating the emotions is not. But, once you understand the culture, you can translate the emotions very well. www. stanford.com.sg


Popularity Being the official language of Vietnam, almost 86% Vietnamese speak them as their first language. Of the Austroasiatic family, Vietnamese has the largest number of speakers with around 73 million native speakers across the world. In the US, there are around 1 million Vietnamese speakers, though it isn’t necessarily their first language. The states of California, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas have a significant Vietnamese minority.  Around the world, the number reaches to 80 million. www. stanford.com.sg


Why Learn Vietnamese? Tourism in Vietnam has seen a massive rise in the last few decades. Reception to tourists especially American visitors has been very positive post war. The country is a hub of a mix of old and contemporary architecture with old temples standing next to modern architecture. Its stunning coastlines is another reason to visit the country. It has witnessed a rising figure in terms of business too and has of late become a popular center for establishing international business. So learning Vietnamese open doors not only to have a fine experience in the country for vacation but also open avenues for business. www. stanford.com.sg


Thailand, as you already has been rated as a fantastic tourist destination for people of age group 18-30 with a variety of things and places to place. Most tourists never try speaking their native language; however you would be surprised the kind of reception you will receive when you would response in Thai, no matter how raw you may sound. Moreover, while you are there, you would gain a better understanding of their culture, avoid getting lost in the city, make some real friends, and who know land yourself some employment opportunities. Why Learn Thai? www. stanford.com.sg


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