Shawn M. Williams serves as a general counsel in MD


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Shawn M. Williams was born and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He has a bachelor’s degree in science, a master’s in business administration, and a juris doctorate.


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Shawn M. Williams Serves as a General Counsel in MD


Shawn M. Williams is a Juris Doctorate degree holder who started his career with U.S. Marine Corps in February 1995. He was involved in supporting JAG offices in Washington DC and Japan, supervised the staff, and managed office operations. He participated in Basic Marine Training in South Carolina. Shawn M. Williams - Introduction


About Shawn M. Williams At present, he is working with Alliance Technology Group, LLC as a General Counsel. He is performing an array of duties. He engages in all sorts of business development efforts, and manages legal and contracts transactions. In addition, he also ensures compliance with government regulation with efficient processes.


In March 1999, Shawn M. Williams joined Siemens as a Contracts Manager . He played a key role in its growth and success. During his employment with this company . H e was responsible for contract review, NDA and subcontract, contract negotiations, finance, cost analysis, GSA schedules, etc.


From January 2004 to April 2006, Shawn M. Williams worked for Raytheon as the Director of Contracts & Associate Legal Counsel performing an array of duties. He supervised the legal and contract departments of a multi-million dollar global organization and successfully managed staff that was engaged in providing quotes, A/R issues, and reviewed and submitted outstanding claims.


In addition to this, Shawn M. Williams was also designated empowered official for the organizations export licensing needs, and negotiated with many federal agencies such as foreign governments to protect intellectual property rights and involved in mergers in acquisition strategies. Shawn M. Williams with Federal Agencies


Shawn M. Williams has admitted in the State of Maryland, and holds variou s professional affiliations such as Society of International Affairs, USMC, MSBA, AFCEA, NCMA, and Washington DC chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel.

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