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Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe Around him and calls the adventure science. -Edwin powell hubble


Welcome to Open House Mrs. Sullivan 7 th grade Science Bachelor of Science (Biology) Bachelor of Science (Nursing) 7 th -12 th Science Teaching Certification

Philosophy of Teaching/Education :

Philosophy of Teaching/Education I believe that all students can be successful in the classroom I believe that all students deserve a teacher that is compassionate and supportive of them I believe that all students deserve a first-rate education that is interesting and keeps them engaged I DO NOT believe in FAILURE I believe that all students should be accountable for doing their best work

What will we be learning?:

What will we be learning? Scientific Tools Scientific Method Plants & Animals Cells Genetics Body Systems Light

Course Evaluation:

Course Evaluation Grading Scale Weight of assignments Tests ………………………40% Homework …………….20% Bell Ringers ……………10% Projects …………………20% Lab/group ……………..10% 90-100 = A 80-89 = B 70-79 = C 60-69 = D Not an option

Late & Make-up Work Policy:

Late & Make-up Work Policy Students can turn in late assignments for partial c redit. Students will have 10 points deducted each day after the due date until turned in. Students will have the same number of days to t urn in assignments as the number of days they w ere absent.

Expectations of Students:

Expectations of Students Students are expected to come to class with all supplies/materials: Pens, pencils 2 inch binder with paper Lab notebook Lab kit (purchased with supply fee) “Ready to learn” attitude

Projects/Science Fair:

Projects/Science Fair All students are expected to participate in the Annual School Science Fair Group or Individual projects are acceptable Date TBA (usually in mid February) More information to come

Communication :

Communication I welcome parents to contact me with any questions or concerns E-mail is best way to reach me: april.sullivan@rcsd.ms Please check my website weekly to stay informed Power School is an awesome tool to check your child’s progress Please contact your child’s counselor if you need to set up a parent/teacher conference

Parent Questionnaire:

Parent Questionnaire Please help me get to know y our child by filling out t he form “Getting to Know Your Student” a nd leave it in the basket by the door Thanks for all you do!



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