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Fixed Matches:

Fixed Matches

Football betting guide for beginners:

Football betting guide for beginners If you are interested in learning about  football betting , here is a guide you can follow so you won’t have a problem or be mislead in your choice of predictions. As a football lover, there is also need for you make money for what you have a passion for . Football betting has come to stay as it has a lot of followers in recent years. A lot of Football fans don’t just watch football matches for their favourite team to win but also watch matches in order to make money after using the best prediction websites.


FOOTBALL ODDS Football odds  are statistical algorithms which bookmakers design to help bettors determine the games they are going to pick. In football betting these odds vary from strong teams and weak teams, the strong teams get relatively low odds especially when they are playing at their home ground while the weak teams get high odds especially when they are away from home. However, if two strong teams or weak teams are facing each other their betting odds tends to be almost the same as it said to be a close contest.For example, if Manchester United is playing against Manchester City you will have this type of odds,

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As a beginner, there is a need for you to know some football betting terms in order for you to be familiar with the environment and know what you are dealing with . STAKE: This is the amount of money you place on a bet and it always determines the total amount you will win or lose . ACCUMULATOR: A football accumulator is a series of single bets grouped together, if each of the bets comes off then the odds accumulate together. Normally when you hear of people putting a fiver on something and winning a couple of thousand it is because of accumulators. Because each bet needs to win though they can be risky. And on here we have a winning platform which is called smashing accumulators for top-notch prediction . STRAIGHT WIN: This option is marked 1×2, and it entails that one of the two teams will likely win, therefore, if you feel the home team will win just click on 1, if you feel the away team will win just click on 2. It is a direct option with no other option coming into play, so it is somehow risky.

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STRAIGHT DRAW : The straight draw option is a very risky bet but a lucrative one so you need to be wise when choosing this option because the odds range from 2.98 odds to 7.00 odds in a single match. You can choose this option when you feel the match will be a close contest without having a winner at the end of 90 minutes . DOUBLE CHANCE : A Double Chance bet is one where you pick a winner and if they win OR it is a draw, you win the bet. If the team you pick loses then you lose the bet. It is actually an option that gives you chances of winning in two ways, so it is safer compare to straight wins and straight draws .

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As new staker you need to be conscious of  fixed matches , though there are fixed matches but they are not reliable but I recommend our services on here which have been globally acceptable, with our website rated as the best football prediction website especially the free soccer predictions we give out on daily basis which has been second to none. You can also subscribe to our winning plans to get top notch predictions which you won’t regret you did . As football fans don’t just watch football for fun you can actually turn your passion into money with stakegains .

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