Osama Bin Laden's death


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“Osama bin Laden died on May 1, 2011” To Believe or Not to Believe:

“Osama bin Laden died on May 1, 2011” To Believe or Not to Believe http://www.hiphopaffair.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/obamaosama.jpg

U.S. President’s Solemn Announcement on May 1, 2011:

U.S. President’s Solemn Announcement on May 1, 2011 “Justice has been done”, Obama announced Bin Laden’s death on May 1, 2011 late night in a hastily-arranged camera from the White House. He further said that the terrorist “murdered thousands of innocent men, women and children" and his death is a “significant achievement to date” Obama also said America is not at war with Islam but with Al-Qaeda which destroyed innocent lives He further said that Central Intelligence Agency team killed Osama Bin Laden at a compound inside Pakistan on May 1, 2011 http://commentariesonthetimes.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/barack-obama-speech.jpg

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This has brought an end to the world’s largest manhunt Barrack Obama said that when he won U.S. Presidential elections in 2009, he ordered CIA director, Leon Panetta, to capture or kill Bin Laden as a “top priority of our war against al Qaeda” For CIA "It took many months to run this thread to ground," the U.S. President Obama said to the world http://blog.prospect.org/blog/weblog/obama_speech.jpg

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Barrack Obama’s Speech on bin Laden’s death May 1, 2011

Conflicting Facts!:

Conflicting Facts! http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2011/5/2/1304323786952/People-celebrate-in-Times-007.jpg

First news of Osama’s death in 2001:

First news of Osama’s death in 2001 The first news of Osama Bin Laden’s death came from Afghanistan and Pakistan sources According to the sources, the fugitive died in December 2001 and his dead body was buried in the mountains of Southeast Afghanistan The remnants of Osama’s gang were silent about the news either because they wanted to keep “Osama ghost” alive or they had no proper means of communication It was also aired in 2001 that Bin Laden’s health deteriorated enormously between 1997 & 2001 due to kidney problems, lack of sunlight and a poor diet http://cdn.concreteloop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/osama_dead.jpg

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U.S. intelligence [A Bush administration official] said that Bin Laden needs dialysis every three days and "it is fairly obvious that that could be an issue when you are running from place to place, and facing the idea of needing to generate electricity in a mountain hideout" http://static.sify.com/cms/image/lfckacfabjd_thumb.jpg

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In a video aired in December 2001, Osama is shown barely moving his left shoulder. He also has a wound in his foot, suffering from diabetes ailment and low blood pressure problem Osama bin Laden’s December 2001 video being aired

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Former Pakistan President Pervez Mushraff aired his opinions that Bin Laden is most likely dead because he was unable to receive treatment for his severe kidney disease Video of President Mushraff speaking on Osama bin Laden’s death

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Reported Funeral Article of Osama bin Laden in the mid December 2001 in Egyptian Newspaper, ‘al-Wafd’ http://www.welfarestate.com/binladen/funeral/funeral.jpg

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Translation of Funeral Article in Egyptian Paper: al-Wafd, Wednesday, December 26, 2001 Vol 15 No 4633 News of Bin Laden's Death and Funeral 10 days ago Islamabad - A prominent official in the Afghan Taleban movement announced yesterday the death of Osama bin Laden, the chief of al-Qa'da organization, stating that binLaden suffered serious complications in the lungs and died a natural and quiet death. The official, who asked to remain anonymous, stated to The Observer of Pakistan that he had himself attended the funeral of bin Laden and saw his face prior to burial in Tora Bora 10 days ago. He mentioned that 30 of al-Qa'da fighters attended the burial as well as members of his family and some friends from the Taleban. In the farewell ceremony to his final rest guns were fired in the air. The official stated that it is difficult to pinpoint the burial location of bin Laden because according to the Wahhabi tradition no mark is left by the grave. He stressed that it is unlikely that the American forces would ever uncover any traces of bin Laden.

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http://whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/laden2001dec.jpg http://whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/laden2001.jpg 2001 Last Picture of Osama bin Laden Osama during healthy times

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In 2004, a video of Osama bin Laden was again aired, however, it was claimed to be a fake one The 2004 video showed a lot of differences between real Osama and the fake one The former video showed Osama’s left arm appears to be healthy whereas according to the sources his left arm was severely injured at Tora Bora In 2004 video tape, the terrorist was shown amazingly "unaged" 2004 Fake Video Tape of bin Laden

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What is the truth?:

What is the truth? http://southasiarev.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/seek-truth.jpg

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Has Osama been killed by U.S. Intelligence on May 1, 2011? Did he die in December 2001 according to the news? Is it a gambit by U.S. governing party for bringing the results of upcoming Presidential elections in its stride? http://media.syracuse.com/news/photo/9539130-large.jpg

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Or is Osama bin Laden still alive? Will time unfold the truth for us? Or is it closed forever with the announcement of President U.S.? http://www.collive.com/pics/s_nf_1526_57839.jpg

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