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The battle between the two giants of social networking been described with the pros & cons of both.


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PowerPoint Presentation:

USER INTERFACE Facebook uses easy to handle panels on the side of the screen. These allow a user to move from one’s wall to one’s photos among many other things on a screen. Google+ uses an interface that allows the user to move between different contacts on a site to help make it more attractive. CONVENIENCE

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WALL POSTS  Facebook posts all wall posts on one’s wall in a chronological order. Google+ does not use this feature. It only shows things that have been updated. Its all about ease of keeping tab on the updates which gives way to another point to fight on.

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FRIENDS Google plus uses CIRCLES - a feature that allows a person to arrange different people in different spaces that are devoted to certain contact groups. Facebook has its friends listing which can be tough to organize things according to the favorites that one has. Can Google cash on this as its easier to   arrange  friends on Google+ than Facebook ?

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SEARCH Facebook does have a search function that people can use to search through it. One of the biggest cons of Google+ is that it does not use a search feature.   It is ironic considering  Google being such a popular name in the world for its online search engine yet it does not have search integration in Google+ .

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PRIVACY  Facebook's privacy practices have come under attack many times for being confusing and self-serving. It's privacy controls remain difficult to navigate, despite efforts at simplification. Google +’s privacy policy is much shorter -- just a sentence or two past 1,000 words. Despite the controversies about Facebook ; Google + ’ s policy can be a little deceiving because Facebook's policy covers all of its services.

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VIDEO CHAT Google + Hang out allows users to invite specific contacts or even entire Circles to a video conference . You can hang out with up to ten people at once. Facebook’s video chat powered by Skype allows one on one video chat. It comes down to which of these offers more image clarity because its all about a video chat.

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