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Cyberbullying is bullying! Let's fight it together.


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Technology is great, we love it.: 

Technology is great, we love it. It’s great to send texts and emails, there are loads of great websites and social networks like Bebo, MSN and MySpace which allow us to communicate. Some people, however, use technology in a bad and cyber bullying seems to be on the increase.

What is Cyberbullying?: 

Cyber bullying can take many forms. Abusive text messages, poisonous emails, hate sites and aggressive instant messaging are all ways in which the person suffering the bullying can be made to feel uncomfortable, alone and scared.

Cyberbullying Video: 


Three things to remember: 

Respect other people - online and off. Don’t spread rumours about people or share their secrets, including their phone numbers and passwords. 1 If someone insults you online or by phone, stay calm and ignore them. 2 ‘Do as you would be done by.’ Think how you would feel if you were bullied. You’re responsible for your own behaviour: make sure you don’t distress other people or cause them to be bullied by someone else. 3 Three things to remember when you're online or on the phone:

If it's happening to you...: 

If it's happening to you, the first thing to remember is that it’s not your fault. It's the person doing the bullying that's got the problem, not you.

If you get hassled in a chatroom...: 

If you get hassled in a chatroom or over instant messaging Don't give out any personal details online; you should use a nickname in chatrooms. Don't accept emails or open files from someone you don't know. Remember that people in chatrooms might not really be who they say they are. If someone starts acting weird or making you feel uncomfortable, get out of the chatroom straight away and tell someone. Think before you write: don't leave yourself open to bullying.

And finally...: 

Tell someone - A friend - A parent - A teacher Let’s fight cyberbullying together! And finally…

Useful Websites: Useful Websites: CYBERBULLYING A disturbing trend 

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