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The Case of Shane:

The Case of Shane Anna Anderson, OTS; Kara Iverson, OTS; Robin Schmid , OTS; Stacy Weber, OTS; & Kendra Wolff, OTS

Introduction to the Case :

Introduction to the Case Meaning occupations give individuals a sense of purpose in life. ADL’s , Work, and Leisure Assistive Devices can help one become more independent following an impairment.

HAAT Model of Practice:

HAAT Model of Practice Four components Human – the person being assessed Activity – the task performed Assistive Technology – the devices used during an activity Context – the place the activity is taking place and under what conditions


Shane Age : 52 Years Shane’s Occupation : Works in the cooperate office of a major regional sporting goods store chain Organizes and provides training for sales associates Wife’s Occupation : Educational aid at an elementary school Children : Two young adults sustaining careers locally.


Injury Injury : Hunting accident resulting in a gunshot wound to the head Impairments Broca’s aphasia Right sided hypertonicity of the arm and leg Cognition Vision deficit in the upper quadrants of his visual field Limited Range of Motion Slow Movements Poor Fine Motor Control Currently uses a Hemiwalker with minimal assistance

Further Analysis:

Further Analysis The Home Shane and his wife live together Ranch style home Three steps to enter the home Walk out basement to the hot tub and fire pit in the backyard Kitchen Computer Workstation Meaningful Occupations Biking, Kayaking, Pheasant hunting, hot-tubing, and relaxing by the camp fire He also enjoys following professional baseball and football


Goals Independent Self-care Return to light work duties Improved Communication Accessing the Telephone independently Continue Outdoor activities as able.

Major Tasks Affected:

Major Tasks Affected


ADLs Bathing, dressing, and grooming Affected by: Limited ROM Poor fine motor control High tone in Right UE Cognitive impairments


Work Organize and provide training to associates at his store Affected by: Broca’s Aphasia Impaired cognition

Social Participation:

Social Participation Community mobility and communicating with others Affected by: Slow movements Impaired cognition Broca’s aphasia Limited vision


Play/Leisure Biking, Kayaking, hunting, and following major league sports Affected By: Limited ROM in UE Slow movements Impaired vision Impaired cognition Poor fine motor control



Communication Aides: :

Communication Aides:

Slide 15:

Catrike Villager


Proloquo2go Used to set daily reminders and program bus schedule

Computing Larger Mouse Logitech Wireless Trackball Mouse:

Computing Larger Mouse Logitech Wireless Trackball Mouse

Computing Big Keyboard Big Key Plus Keyboard:

Computing Big Keyboard Big Key Plus Keyboard

Leisure 4’ Hot Tub Steps:

Leisure 4’ Hot Tub Steps

Leisure Hunting Trigger Adapter:

Leisure Hunting Trigger Adapter

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