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All aboard for another wild ride with NYC's Favorite caricature artist, Elgin Subway surfer Bolling. In this episode Elgin Takes us inside his "SUBWAY STUDIO" where he gets busy churning out his exaggerated portraits of fellow commuters. Pena and ink as well as Pencil work is showcased in this presentation.

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Let's Take A Ride! The Train Is Coming!

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Welcome To My Studio …Come In And See What I’ve Been Working On…

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I Cant Think of Anything MORE BORING than drawing a Nude Model who is PAID To Remove their Clothing, Sit on a Wooden Stool, and Force Themselves into these un natural ridiculous contortionist “poses” and THIS is what is referred to as “LIFE DRAWING” Since EVERYTHING is STAGED, WHERE is the so called “LIFE” in THAT??? TRUE Life Drawing , is as Extreme, as Random, as unpredictable and exciting as real life is. When I draw Passengers Randomly on a moving train, there IS “no pose” There IS “no script” Life “happens” right in front of you. My subject can move at any moment, hide their face, get off at their stop, or physically confront me. All this and more has happened. This is what I call SUBWAYSURFING. Or EXTREME LIFE DRAWING. I didn’t Invent it, But I Love it , and embrace it.

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Okay, I NEVER Saw A RHINO on The Subway Before But One Time This Kid Saw Me Drawing People and Asked me If I Could Draw a Rhino, so I DID!

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There are Times on the Train When I’m Drawing, That I Accidentally Stumble Into What I Call a “Real Shared Moment” As Was the Case of When I Drew This Mother and Daughter One Sunday Evening. They Both Were Returning From Church I Imagined Judging by Their Dress, And Were involved Deeply in Discussion. I was Able to Capture Some Subtle Nuance Of Meaning In Both Of Their Faces At This Instance Which Seemed Almost Too Intimate. It’s Hard To Describe, But It Was A Beautiful Artistic Moment, One I Would Have Never Seen Had They “Posed” For The Picture.

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Thank You For Coming To My Studio …I’ve Got To Get Back To Work Now!…

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