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E-Sponsibility : 

E-Sponsibility By: Sara Spring

What is E-Sponsibility? : 

Being aware of what you post on the internet Social Networking Sites What is taboo to post? Important for EVERY hopeful teacher to know What is E-Sponsibility?

A teacher who needs a lesson.. : 

A teacher who needs a lesson..

Other cases : 

Other cases Deborah Mayer from Indiana Elementary Teacher “I honk for peace.”

Separation : 

Some teachers deserved to be fired.. But some did not. Teachers should be informed on what they can and cannot post. Separation

Accessibility : 

Everyone is used to having technology at their fingertips. People have access to everyone's personal information, so who needs to be responsible? Accessibility

Positives : 

Students stay competitive by learning. Way to find information fast. Many helpful educational technologies are now available Positives

Negatives : 

Unwanted information is more easily found Teachers and Staff must be careful Negatives

Time are changing.. : 

Time are changing..

Freedom of Speech : 

What about teachers freedom of speech? “Speech includes much more than verbal oration and need not include any words.” Freedom of Speech

In conclusion.. : 

Teachers need to be professionals Educational Technology is important This is a job for serious people In conclusion..

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