9a: Hymn Arrangement and Performance


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A preview of the later lectures of "Hymnody, Prosody, and Counterpoint." In this 6-minute segment of Lecture 9, we discuss the lost art of hymn arrangement. This presentation is based on the newest revision of the lecture material, presented at Chinese Alliance Church of Orange County on March 21, 2010.


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Hymn Arrangementand Performance : 

Hymn Arrangementand Performance Building on Tradition Preview Excerpt from “Hymnody, Prosody, and Counterpoint”

The Importance of Arrangement : 

The Importance of Arrangement The perfect recipe for musical boredom… Shabby performance of a hymn “as written” Straight, monotonous repetition of verses Instead, the musical treatment of a hymn must Keep the congregation’s attention Reflect the structure of the text …which, recall, culminates in its last stanza! For many years there has been a standard set of tools for hymn arrangement, and even one standard form. But today, this knowledge has largely been lost So let’s learn about the state of the art! Understand the rationale and apply it thoughtfully

Our “Textbook” Arrangement : 

Our “Textbook” Arrangement Sir David Willcocks (1919 – ) “O Come, All Ye Faithful” here sung by the Stanford Chamber Chorale

Standard Hymn Arrangement : 

Standard Hymn Arrangement ff UNISON reharmonization orchestration / antiphony modulation descant / fauxbourdon REHARMONIZED

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