Mom's 80th Birthday

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By: bakerjennr (90 month(s) ago)

could you send this template to me? at it's my grandmother's 80th and this would be perfect

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Dorothy Cruz Brewer “Mom” Happy Birthday! True Beauty Never Ages….it only grows more beautiful with the passing of time.

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A Star is Born! July 19, 1929 Dorothy C.Brewer

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Reflections of Time. Your Living Legacy… Love, Sacrifice, & Devotion to Family and Friends…

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Traditional with Moral Fortitude

Slide 5: 

Loyal &Trustworthy

Slide 6: 

A True Friend

Slide 7: 

Patient & Understanding

Slide 8: 

Solid and Strong

Slide 9: 

Firm, but Kind & Fair

Slide 10: 

Role Model & Best Friend

Slide 11: 

Supportive - Always There

Slide 12: 

Humorous & Fun To Be With!

Slide 13: 

Beautiful & Classy!

Loving Wife & Best Pal! : 

Loving Wife & Best Pal!

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There, Through Thick & Thin! 56 Years

Caring & Generous : 

Caring & Generous

Beloved Gogie!“You’re the Best…” : 

Beloved Gogie!“You’re the Best…”

Talented With Creative Flair! : 

Talented With Creative Flair!

Solid, Smart, & Decisive : 

Solid, Smart, & Decisive

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“Mom is the Poster Child for Servant Leadership…” “Whether it is to sit down to a meal, being comfortable or sacrificing what she wants to make others happy, Mom has always put others first. In a world that is all about “me, me, me,” Mom has been so influential in teaching her children the life lessons of consideration, thanks, and generosity, and we are so blessed to have her as our Mom – I love her so much! Happy Birthday - Gary

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And my hero…thank you for your selfless giving, understanding, and support. Thank you for never giving up on me. Through the darkness you’ve been a constant beam of light; through our lives you have been a guiding strength for us all. Thank you for being you.” Happy Birthday. I love you – Susan “You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings…

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“You are an Angel & a Dream Come True…” “On the day that you were born, the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true… That’s you Mom…a dream come true for all of us that have been blessed to know you. Thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made to make the lives of your husband, children, and grandchildren so much better. I love you - Ba

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“We can Count on You Because You are Always There… “Before she had children, Mom had five theories about bringing up children. Now she has five children and no theories. Mom, I know that I certainly provided my share of challenges for you while growing up, but you were always there for us with your sacrifices, support, and love. God bless you on your Birthday. I love you – Mike

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“You’ve Taught Me So Much About Motherhood…” Thank you Mom, for your guidance. You’ve taught me so much about Motherhood and the responsibility that comes with true leadership, integrity, and love. Thank you for always being there… Happy Birthday I Love You - Kathryn

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You Are Loved…

We Salute You! Happy Birthday Mom! : 

We Salute You! Happy Birthday Mom!

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