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Google Adwords Campaign:

Google Adwords Campaign By Shane MacDougall

What is a Campaign?:

What is a Campaign? A campaign is a set of related ad groups that is often used to organize categories of products or services that you offer. You'll need to make at least one campaign before you can create ads in your account.

Creating a campaign:

Creating a campaign Before you begin Learn about the different campaign types and understand your  campaign settings so you know how to set up your campaign to help meet your business goals.

Getting Started :

Getting Started As you get started with your campaign setup, you'll be asked to pick a campaign type and campaign subtype. The campaign type determines where customers will be able to see your ads, but you make this more specific by targeting your ads . Campaign types include: Search Network with Display Select Search Network only Display Network only Shopping Video Universal App

Select your campaign type and name :

Select your campaign type and name First, choose the campaign type—for now, it is recommended highly that you use the “Search Network only”, it gives you the best option. Next step would be to then give your campaign a name.

Choose the geographic location where you’d like ads to show :

Choose the geographic location where you’d like ads to show Deciding how large or small you want your geographic area is the next step you want to target . You can choose whole countries, regions of countries, states or provinces, cities even U.S. Congressional districts. You can also choose custom-designated geographic areas, such as latitude-longitude coordinates or the radius of a set number of miles or kilometers around a specific address.

Implement conversion tracking:

Implement conversion tracking    "Being able to see what keywords are triggering a sale or a lead is huge in bid management and optimizing the account to increase ROI," says Jason Otter, senior SEM manager, PCG Digital Marketing . ROI (Return On Investment) "Setting up conversion tracking is critical," agrees Brent Curry, CEO & Principal, Lodestone Generation, which specializes in search engine marketing. "For your business a conversion may be a purchase, a sign-up or a lead. It is the action or actions that you want your visitors to take on the website," he says.

Don't mislead customers:

Don't mislead customers A ds need to be entirely accurate for the landing page advertised T op targeted keywords should be used in the content included on that landing page and in the ads text Make sure that each ad group is entirely relevant for the landing page you're promoting and it's only being displayed for relevant queries . Above all, don't mislead your audience!

Don't ignore mobile users.:

Don't ignore mobile users. "Ensure that you are using mobile-preferred ads within your enhanced campaigns," says Shelly Cihan , digital marketing manager,  Adworkshop , a digital marketing agency. "This allows for customized message and mobile specific calls-to-action (CTAs) that will speak directly to your mobile users," she explains. " Coupling this with a mobile-optimized landing page will result in higher conversion rates and a positive user experience."

Use Google's Remarketing feature. :

Use Google's Remarketing feature.   "Don't neglect Google's Remarketing option," says Christopher S. Penn, vice president, Marketing Technology, SHIFT Communications. "As long as you've configured it correctly in Google Analytics, Smart Lists leverages Google's big data capabilities to track who has visited your website by any means (including AdWords campaigns), and identifies who is statistically most likely to convert," Penn says. " Google then pushes that data back into AdWords for you to use in your AdWords campaigns for remarketing. It's a powerful tool that not many people know about or have talked about for making the most of your ad dollars ."

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