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THE TEAM IMPACT Areeba Aqeel Abid Ali Meerza Maria Kabir Sana Masood Sumaiya Kulsoom Waqar Haider Yawer Abbas

“Selecting qualified employees is like putting money in the bank.” ~John Bordereau~ :

“Selecting qualified employees is like putting money in the bank.” ~ J ohn Bordereau~ S election is the process of choosing individuals who have need qualification to fill jobs in an organization. “To select mean to choose.” Selection is the process of picking individuals who have relevant qualifications to fill jobs in an organization. The basic purpose is to choose the individual who can most successfully perform the job from the pool of qualified candidates” SELECTION:

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APPLICATION FORM: It is also known as Application Blank. It is to secure information from Prospective Candidates. Serves to Screen Candidates. Different Application form for different job. Different companies has different Application Form.


Aptitude Test. Reasoning Test. Knowledge in various disciplines. General Knowledge. English Language. SELECTION TESTS:


Medical examination gives the following: If applicant is medically fit. To find out psychologically attitude. Measures applicant physical measurement. To check special senses of the candidates. Basis for enrolling applicant in life, health, and disability insurance programs. Drug testing is done at this step. MEDICAL EXAMINATION:

What’s next after selection?:

What’s next after selection?


Employment concludes with: Issuing an Offer Letter. It Reporting to duty. Issuing an Appointment Letter. EMPLOYEMENT CONTRACT:

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MANAGEMENT OF TALENT: Pay scales. Vacations/holiday. Schedules. Counseling. Other benefits. Training opportunities.

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Therefore, the basic objective of selection is to hire those candidates with a high probability for job success. A multiple hurdle plan is the best selection strategy. Selection hurdles or tests include pre-employment inquiries, application forms, initial screening interviews, background investigations, work sample tests, and interviews. CONCLUSION

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