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Bellringer: Monday 11/2/09 : 

Bellringer: Monday 11/2/09 Identify a law or school rule with which you disagree. Write down your reasons for disagreeing & support your position with why this rule/law is “unjust”. the acts

Review from Last week… : 

Review from Last week… French & Indian War = Debt Proclamation 1763 Sugar Act: 1764 Quartering Act 1765 Stamp Act & Stamp Act Congress 1765 (Direct tax)

Townshend Act: 1767 : 

Townshend Act: 1767 New Chancellor of Exchequer: -Charles Townshend taxed: glass, lead, paper, tea! - Indirect tax Violated rights writs of assistance – for searches

Colonists’ response to Townshend acts : 

Colonists’ response to Townshend acts Boycott Brit. goods Written protests: John Dickenson, Sam Adams & James Otis’ Circular letter Declare only Col. Legis. can tax colonies Virginia Resolves Daughter’s of Liberty Continued violence @ customs officials

Boston Massacre: 1770 : 

Boston Massacre: 1770 Boston Massacre March: Custom House mob gunfire Outcomes: - Trial- John Adams - Angry colonists, fear - Repeal of Townshend acts prevents Revolt Who was right??? Turn to pg 126

Gaspee Affair: : 

Gaspee Affair: 1772: Customs ships patrol Rhode Island Gaspee- runs aground, col. Burn it Outcome: - Brits outraged - Want colonists tried in Engl. 1773: Committees of Correspondence formed

Boston Tea Party: Dec. 1773 : 

Boston Tea Party: Dec. 1773 Tea Party Lord North – New Prime Min. Passes Tea Act to help British East India Co. Tea Act: gave Tea Co. HUGE advantages over Colonial merchants & smugglers --Left Townshend tax on tea Rebels dumped tea into harbor Brit. Response: 1774: Coercive Acts

Coercive/Intolerable Acts: Spring 1774 : 

Coercive/Intolerable Acts: Spring 1774 Punish Mass. Closed Boston port Imposed Military rule on All of Mass. Suspended Mass. Colonial legis. forced them to pay damages for tea Trials for Brit soldiers transferred to England To enforce them: Gen. Gage & 2000 troops Quebec Act: allowed King to apt. coucil & governor instead of elections.

1st Continental Congress: Sept. 1774 : 

1st Continental Congress: Sept. 1774 Committees of Correspondence call meeting. Carpenter’s Hall,--Philidelphia 12 Colonies represented (GA out) Factions: Moderates vs Radicals Agree to send petition to King

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