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An Educational Perspective Based on Information Contained In SSD CHEMICAL SHOP Ketamine


What is Ketamine ? In the early 1990’s Ketamine became a popular drug of abuse among the rave and techno scene due to its hallucinogenic properties.1 Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic which first became available in 1960 for veterinary medicine Today, Ketamine is considered a treat due to its potentially addictive and harmful side effects.


Ketamine appears as a white or off white powder, resembling cocaine and crystal methamphetamine. It is also available in liquid form that is commonly injected intramuscularly. Because it has no odor or color, Ketamine in liquid form closely resembles water. What is Ketamine ?


Who uses Ketamine? Data from the 2003 Monitoring the Future study showed a decrease in prevalence of the drug. Eighth graders shows a .2 percent decrease in use from 2002 to 2003. Tenth graders show a decline in use from 2.2 percent in 2002 to 1.9 percent in 2003. Students in twelfth grade showed a decrease of .5 percent over the same time period.


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