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Cocaine ND02, Stimulants elevate the body's movement, incorporating increments in vitality, readiness, pulse, and circulatory strain. The type of cocaine that is usually utilized is a white powder acquired from the leaves of the Erythroxylon Coca plant. If you are interested to buy then contact:, What's App: +905338734504


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Overview What is Cocaine?:

Overview What is Cocaine? Cocaine is a local anesthetic and central nervous system stimulant Powder or crystal form Made from the coca plant native to south America It was first isolated by German chemist Albert Niemann in the early 1800s. Its early uses were in surgery to numb nose and throat areas. Sold on streets usually diluted with fillers to increase volume. Most often injected or snorted

Street Names:

Street Names Coke Crack Snow Star dust Nose candy Blow Charlie Aunt Nora Bernice


Appearance White crystalline powder


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COCAINE NDO2 IN SSD CHEMICAL SHOP Today, manufactured types of cocaine, for example, Novocain are as yet utilized as nearby sedatives for careful purposes; be that as it may, medicinal use has turned out to be progressively sporadic with the presentation of more secure and increasingly enhanced pharmaceuticals.2 Illicit, recreational utilization of cocaine stays mainstream today. If you are interested to buy then contact:, What's App: +905338734504


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