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Part 2 of the vodcast on Relationship marketing - tools available and successful examples of relationship marketing


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PART 2: Making relationship marketing work

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Time costs money but less than reputation Reaction to consumer changes Community management key to reputation management Time for tactics

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Previous Approach Emerging approach Best practices Small numbers in a particular industry Great numbers across all industries Marketing message Controlled by brand promise Controlled by customers Marketing tactics Viable for duration of a campaign Dependant on customer feedback Execution of brand promise Dependant on marketing tactics success Depends on company reputation for trustworthiness Company reputation Dependant on marketing campaign Depends on customer opinion and stakeholders Relationship marketing 3.0

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Each risk in the relationship = opportunity Measured relationship marketing campaigns = attractive business cases Return on challenge – ROI – what’s the measurement ? Web traffic , customer satisfaction scores Qualitative through social media, insights Iteration Integration Flexibility Relationship 3.0 – opportunities through integration and flexibiltiy

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What part of the cycle Suspect > Prospect > Customer > Partner > Advocate > Former Customer Identify triggers on customer behaviour Extend the customer lifecycle Customer retention management Drill to to deepest relationship extend lifecycle understanding the customer Drilling down

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Customised email Personalised direct mail Social media initiaives Voice of the customer surveys Brand communities Public online communities Loyalty programs Affinity programs Special recognition prograls Knowledge building programs CRM – an essential below the line tool in Relationship marketing

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The most profitable current customers New customers with long- term potential The most profitable customers in the past CRM customer profiling

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CRM front and back office

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Starbucks unique model

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Unique status with customers Treating them as family in an inviting and friendly environment Referral business is based on word of mouth Enhancing its brand image with global social responsibility programs, The effectiveness of using the stakeholder company’s consistent profitability. Starbuck ’s crm

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Relationship marketing 2.0 Total Relationship marketing - Evert Gummesson - 392 pages Publisher: A Butterworth-Heinemann Title; 3 edition (29 May 2008) Le marketeur , les nouveaux fondements du marketing -Broché 544 pages Editeur : Pearson Education France; Édition : 1 (21 août 2003) Customer loyalty behaviour statistics :

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Vodcast challenge

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Using Ikea as a case study – demonstrate examples of their relationship marketing tactics and ROI . OR Use the 3A as a ‘ voice of the customer ’ for ESDES – explain objective, ( ie what you are trying to find out from your consumer) demonstrate tools you use and results gained

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