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oracle dba online training in hyderabad by SRY IT Solutions strongly determined to provide Real-time, Practical and Project based knowledge transfer on oracle dba online training Activities. We have nearly a 10 Years of experience in Online Training of Oracle Apps Database Administration and Corporate Training on Oracle technologies in Hyderabad. SRY IT provides both Offline and Online Trainings. For More details Contact us at: Phone: USA: +1-319-804-4998 India: +91-9948030675 (Available 24/7) Email: Website:


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ORACLE DBA OVERVIEW SRY IT SOLUTIONS USA: +1-319-804-4998 INDIA: +91-9948030675 Email id:


Introduction   Identify the Oracle product Describe the basic concept of a relational database

Installing Oracle Database 10G Software:

Installing Oracle Database 10G Software   System requirements   Use Oracle Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA)   Install software with the Oracle Universal Installer

Create an Oracle Database:

Create an Oracle Database Oracle Database Architecture  Oracle instance architecture Use the Database Creation Assistant

Controlling the Database:

Controlling the Database Manually configure the Oracle 10g EM dbconsole Start and stop the agent Start and stop the enterprise manager database console Start and stop the listener Startup and shutdown the database

Storage structures:

Storage structures Defining the table spaces and data files  Create table spaces  Manage table spaces  Obtain table space information  Create and manage table space using oracle enterprises manager

Administering Users:

Administering Users Create and manage database user accounts  Create and manage roles  Grant and revoke privileges

Oracle Net Services:

Oracle Net Services   Understand Oracle Net concepts  Use Oracle Net Manager to create and configure listeners  Use the Oracle Net Manager to configure client and middle-tier connection  Use TNSPING to test Oracle Net connectivity

Monitoring and Managing Memory:

Monitoring and Managing Memory Oracle Memory Structures Automatic PGA Memory Management Using the Memory Advisor Using Automatic Shared Memory Management to avoid long running query issues

Managing Data:

Managing Data  Manipulating data through SQL  Using Import  Using Export

Database Backups:

Database Backups   Configure ARCHIVELOG mode   Create consistent database backups   Back your database up without shutting it down   Create incremental backups   Automate database backups   Monitor the flash recovery area

Managing Schema Objects:

Managing Schema Objects Create and modify tables   Define constraints   View the attributes of a table   View the contents of a table   Create indexes and views

Database Recovery:

Database Recovery Recover from loss of a control file   Recover from loss of a redo log file   Recover from loss of a data

Offered Other Modules:

Offered Other Modules SAP: Sap bpc, basis, abap, bo, admin, fico, mdm, crm, hana, fscm, is utilities, bo data services, apo…etc. ORACLE: Dba, oaf, adf, obiee, plsql, apps dba, apps technical, apps financial… etc. DWH: Ab initio, ajax, informatica, data stage, handoop, websphere…and more

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Contact Us SRY IT SOLUTIONS USA: +1-319-804-4998 INDIA:+91-9948030675 Email :

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