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3 men in a boat 3rd chapter


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Character sketches

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The three main character in the story : George, harris and jerome

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This person is the narrator of the book and is a young, single, middle-class man living in London. A funny and lively man, who treats about everything as a joke, lives the life the way it takes it to. He has no practical thinking. He just tries to do everything the way he is asked. He has a dog. He loves food and hates work. Jerome

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HARRIS This person is a young single character with a fondness for drink. At one point, this person manages to get fairly drunk one night and imagines being attacked by swans. He is a nostalgic person, does whatever he wants. He doesn't care about the people around, is keen at his own decisions. He seems to love music but people hate him sing.

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This character is a bank clerk who works on Saturdays. It is this person's idea to take the river trip. He has practical approach to life, is mature enough for his age to be, works well , experimental good cook. george

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Chapter three

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Three men in a boat Chapter three summary The three friends : Harris, George and Jerome decided to make the plans for their journey that evening. Harris volunteered to make the list of what they needed.He then asked Jerome for a piece of paper, and demanded the grocery catalogue from George for him to make the list. Jerome was then immediately reminded of his uncle Podger who, like Harris, volunteers for all the tasks and put it on the backs of other people .

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He remembered that day when a photo frame was to be nailed in the wall of his uncle’s house. uncle Podger took the burden of everything and then started to work. He sent a girl to get the nails, a boy behind him to tell its size and Will to get a hammer, Tom to get ruler, the step ladder and the kitchen chair. Then he sent Jerome to go to Mr.Goggles for spirit level, and Maria to hold him the light. When Maria came back , he sent her to get some picture-cord and called Tom again to hand him the picture.

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He then successfully dropped the photo, and got his hand injured by the glass, and then sent the whole house to search for his handkerchief that was on his coat pocket that he was sitting on . And after all the point measuring and nail- hammering jobs ( which took until midnight ), the photo was successfully lopsidedly hanged( which he thought was ‘so’ smooth ) . Jerome was sure that Harris would become uncle Podger in the future , so he asked Harris himself to fetch everything and make the list .

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Their first list was discarded , as they were sure that they won’t be able to navigate in the Thames with all their ‘necessary’ items. When they were thinking how to reduce the load, George gave them the brilliant idea that they shouldn’t think of the things that they can do with, but the things that they cannot do with. Later Jerome argued about people going in voyages like this who pack their boat to the point of capsizing. George then suggested that they would not take tents , but would have a boat with a cover which was simpler.

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George then said that a person should take a cat , a dog, enough clothes, sufficient food, and more than enough drinks. Jerome didn’t fancy swimming in the morning. George gave up the thought of swimming when Harris said that it gives him an appetite. Both Jerome and Harris had later realized that they hadn’t brought more clothes and decided that George had no idea about washing, as he had said that two flannels would be enough for the journey as they would wash it in the river.

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3 rd chapter picture story for you now!!

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let us recall the 3 rd chapter

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They settled the arrangements for the things that they had to take with them. Jerome described Harris as the one who is ready to take the burden of everything himself and put it on the backs of other people. Jerome felt that Harris would grow up to be like his uncle. So Jerome took up the responsibility to do things himself than to give it to Harris. They made a list and then remade another list. George said that they were on a wrong track altogether. He sensibly helped to make the list. They planned to take a boat with cover instead of a tent and also planned other essential amenities.

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Question time!

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Why was jerome remindedof his uncle podger by seeing harris ?? Why had uncle podger needed tge handkerchief and wherewas it? What was george’s brilliant idea to lighten the boat ‘s load ??

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answers 1. Jerome was reminded of uncle podger by seeing harris as both of them had the habit of volunteering for all the tasks and then gradually putting it in other’s backs 2.Uncle podger needed his hand kerchief to cover his wounded had that been injured by the glass frame when he tried to catch it. It was in the coat pocket of the coat that he was sitting on 3. George suggested that they should not consider what they can do with but what they cannot do with

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D one by: S ruthi and dharshini

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