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Is using a Knife for Self-Defense that Easy - S&R Knives Inc.


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Is using a Knife for Self- Defense that Easy Using Sharp Edged Weapons for Self Defense We are living in a world where crime scenes are an everyday occurrence. The greed of the wealth and materialistic possessions have polluted the minds and corrupted the actions of the people greatly resorting them to inflict harm on the people who they think are above them and the ones they think they have some sort of threat from. This calls for the crucial need for one to be fully prepared to defend themselves from the violent attacks of the abusers. Since many state laws have extremely stringent policies for using a gun as a weapon for self- defense they offer very limited scope to be used as a tool for keeping oneself safe as per the reputed suppliers of Kershaw Knives Canada. Pepper sprays on the other hand though highly effective in making the attackers lose their momentum and knock them off their balance they are extremely bulky contain a meagre amount of deterrent and may be ineffective at some situations.

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Throwing Knives Canada is a widely used defense tool which is legal in many states of the Canada and is extremely easy and light to carry. But using a knife for self-defense isn ’t a cakewalk as it originally seemed. The reality of Defending Yourself with a Knife The idea of using a Throwing Knives Canada for self-defense may seem like very heroic and a scene out of an action film but the reality is far different from what it seems like. Before picking up a knife to protect yourself from the intruders it is important that you get fully aware of the consequences repercussions and what it really means to use a knife in a real-world scenario. Picking up a knife for the sole purpose of counterattacking the violent attack of the abusers is extremely gruesome and brutal. This self-defense with a knife is nothing like what is often portrayed in the movies and TV series where with a single attack of a knife the attacker gets killed. In a real-world scenario for you to actually stop your attacker from harming you you need to unleash series of cuts stabs and wounds for the attacker to drop to the ground. “Knives do not cause excruciating pain jerk trauma or destruction that a single gunshot wound does” says the experts of the leading Kabar Knives Canada suppliers. If you genuinely want to leave your attacker unconscious and asking your mercy with your knife self-defense skills then you ought to be not only physically but also psychologically prepared to do just that and this level of preparedness will only come with years of practicing.

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Best Knives for Self Defense If you are thinking that a home chef knife will inflict the same level of harm to your attacker as a self-defense knife would then you are doing it wrong all along. The best knives for self-defense are the ones that are specifically designed for this purpose only. As per the experts of the largest Hunting Knives Canada suppliers though there is a mirage of knives available in the market for different purposes a small pocket knife during the situation of life and death will not be able to defend you the same way as a bigger and more pronounced knife would. A knife can only be brutal in the hands of those who know how to it for self-defense. The best knives that should be opted for as a tool for self-defense includes  Spyderco  Cold Steel  Kabar Knives Canada  Kershaw Knives These are some of the companies which supply the best knives for self –defense and can be used for slashing stabbing or a combination of both. You can look for these knives at along with our other few options for the same. CONTACT US: SR KNIVES INC. Address: 680 Rexdale Blvd Unit 16 Etobicoke ON M9W-0b5 PHONE: 416-675-6464 | FAX: 416-675-6465 EMAIL:

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