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In the proposed concept the mobile user is on the top of all. The 5G terminals will have software defined radios and modulation scheme as well as new......Watch PPt :)


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5G MOBILE CONCEPT “An Eye view on the future generation of phones”

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Evolution from 1G to 5G What is 5G? What 5G Technology Offers? The Concept Layers of 5G network Features Conclusion Reference Contents

Evolution from 1G to 5G:

Evolution from 1G to 5G 1G wireless system Developed in 1980s & completed in early 1990’s Speed up to 2.4kbps AMPS first launched by US & a 1G mobile system Allows users to make voice calls in 1 country

Evolution from 1G to 5G:

Evolution from 1G to 5G 2G wireless system Fielded in the late 1980s & finished in late 1990s Speed up to 64kbps Digital handsets that are used today voice transmission with digital signal

Evolution from 1G to 5G:

Evolution from 1G to 5G 2.5G wireless system Generation between 2G and 3G 2.5G represents handsets with data capabilities over GPRS Failure in bringing any new evolution 

Evolution from 1G to 5G:

Evolution from 1G to 5G 3G wireless system Speeds from 125kbps-2Mbps Performance in computer networking (WCDMA, WLAN Bluetooth) & mobile devices area (cell phone & GPS) Data sent through packet switching technology Voice calls interpreted using circuit switching Access to Global Roaming & Clarity in voice calls Fast Communication, Internet, Mobile T.V, Video Conferencing, Video Calls, (MMS), 3D gaming etc

Evolution from 1G to 5G:

Evolution from 1G to 5G 4G wireless system Conceptual framework & discussion point to address future needs of a high speed wireless network Both cellular & broadband multimedia services everywhere 2010 – 2015 arrival Smooth global roaming ubiquitously with lower cost.

Evolution from 1G to 5G:

Evolution from 1G to 5G 5G wireless system Complete wireless communication with almost no limitation Multi-Media Newspapers, watch T.V programs with the clarity as to that of an HD T.V. Faster data transmission that of the previous generations Real world wireless or called “WWWW: World Wide Wireless Web.

What is 5G Technology ?:

What is 5G Technology ? 5G : 5 th Generation Mobile Technology Advanced features: powerful and in huge demand in future Offers more power & features in hand held phone large phone memory, dialing speed , clarity in audio and video etc

What 5G technology offers?:

What 5G technology offers? World Wide Cellular phones Extra ordinary data capabilities High connectivity Bright future

The Concept:

The Concept 5G terminals will have software defined radios. New error-control schemes. Access to different wireless technologies. Combine different flows from different technologies. Choice among different wireless/mobile access. Network providers for a given service.

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Application Layer Application(Service) Presentation layer Session Layer Open Transport Protocol Transport Layer Network Layer Upper network layer Lower network layer Datalink Layer Open Wireless Architecture Physical Layer

Network Layer:

Network Layer All mobile networks will use Mobile IP. Each mobile terminal will be FA A mobile can be attached to several mobile or wireless networks at the same time. The fixed IPv6 will be implemented in the mobile phone Separation of network layer into two sub-layers Lower network layer (for each interface) Upper network layer (for the mobile terminal ) The middleware between the Upper and Lower network layers (Fig. 3 ) maintain address translation from Upper network address (IPv6) to different Lower network IP addresses (IPv4 or IPv6), and vice versa .

Features :

Features Remote management :better and fast solution Remote diagnostics 25 Mbps connectivity speed . Virtual private network . All delivery service out of business prospect. High uploading and downloading speed enhanced and available connectivity just about the world.


We have proposed 5G mobile phone concept, designed as an open platform on different layers, from physical layer up to the application . A new revolution of 5G technology  is going to give tough completion to normal computer and laptops whose marketplace value will be effected. The new coming 5G technology is available in the market in affordable rates, high peak future and much reliability than its preceding technologies. Conclusion

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