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Welcome 1 By J. Srivastav Reddy

Search Engines:

Search Engines How to make them work for you...

Why use a search engine?:

Finding information on the Internet Ranked by relevance search term (key words) weighted by appearance and placement of key words. Ranked by Popularity Google, Direct Hit Overture , Looksmart ( Looklistings ) Why use a search engine?

Who are they?:

There are 30,000++ search engines! The TOP 8: 1. Yahoo 2. Google 3. MSN 4. AOL 5. Altavista 6. Go Network ( Infoseek ) 7. Lycos 8. Excite represent 88.86% of all search engines . What SE do you use? Who are they?

Spider v Directory and why should I care?:

Spider v Directory and why should I care? Spider Engine travels the web follows links reads content of your pages determines ranking based on what it finds on your pages will list ALL your pages in its engine Eg . Google, Altavista , All the Web Directory takes listings that are submitted directly placed by categories e.g. personal> health> public health usually home page only represented (more for $$$) does not read content of your pages determines ranking based on keywords found in category, description and title. Eg . Yahoo, ODP, Looksmart

Anatomy of a SE Optimisation Project:

1. Determine Key Words 2. Submit to Directories 3. Get Links 4. Optimise Web Pages 5. Submit to Spider Engines Anatomy of a SE Optimisation Project

1. Determine Keywords:

What are people actually searching for? Don’t focus on “Business Name” Research using objective tools e.g. Wordtracker ( Choose popular, relevant, non-competitive keywords. Weave those terms into your pages. 1. Determine Keywords

PowerPoint Presentation:

Timeline ( full list ) Year Engine Event 1993 W3Catalog Launch Aliweb Launch JumpStation Launch 1994 WebCrawler Launch Infoseek Launch Lycos Launch 1995 AltaVista Launch Open Text Web Index Launch [1] Magellan Launch Excite Launch SAPO Launch 1996 Dogpile Launch Inktomi Founded HotBot Founded Ask Jeeves Founded 1997 Northern Light Launch Yandex Launch 1998 Google Launch 1999 AlltheWeb Launch GenieKnows Founded Naver Launch Teoma Founded Vivisimo Founded 2000 Baidu Founded Exalead Founded 2003 Launch 2004 Yahoo! Search Final launch Launch Sogou Launch 2005 MSN Search Final launch Launch GoodSearch Launch SearchMe Founded

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2006 wikiseek Founded Quaero Founded Launch Live Search Launch ChaCha Beta Launch Beta Launch 2007 wikiseek Launched Sproose Launched Wikia Search Launched Launched 2008 Powerset Launched Picollator Launched Viewzi Launched Cuil Launched Boogami Launched LeapFish Beta Launch Forestle Launched VADLO Launched Sperse! Search Launched Duck Duck Go Launched 2009 Bing Launched Yebol Beta Launch Mugurdy Launched Goby Launched

What are people searching for?:

Research using Initial keyword = asthma What are people searching for? 1. Determine Keywords ...

Choose your Keywords:

Theme Related Popular Low Competition (use wordtracker or observe number of results when you search) Choose your Keywords 1. Determine Keywords … What are people Searching for?

Put your keywords in...:

For Directories: Category Title Description Domain name Put your keywords in... 1. Determine Keywords … What are people Searching for?

Directory example...:

Directory example ... 1. Determine Keywords … What are people Searching for? Category Title Description

2. Submit to Directories:

1. ODP (open directory project) 2. Looksmart via ZEAL 3. Yahoo! 4. Relevant industry portals 2. Submit to Directories

3. Get Links:

Q: How? 1. Freely distribute articles with in-built links to your website. 2. Use keywords in the link text rather than organisation name or domain name 3. Ask to be linked in their links/resources page 4. Offer reciprocal links 5. Submit link pages to Google 3. Get Links Q: Why? A: Link Popularity and referred traffic

Put your keywords in...:

For Spider Engines: <title> <Meta> description Headings <h1><h2> Body text Link text Domain name Put your keywords in... 4. Optimise your pages

SE’s love standard HTML but stumble over….:

Frames (use the <noframes> tag to insert content) Flash Lots of Javascript Dynamic pages (generated from a database) particularly containing special characters like ? = & Images containing text (the S.E can’t read the text in the image) SE’s love standard HTML but stumble over…. 4. Optimise your pages

5. Submit to the Spider Engines:

Submit base domain only to : Google All The Web Submit individual pages to : 5. Submit to the Spider Engines

5. Monitor your position:

Review website statistics Many hosting companies provide, or Free stats from Look for “referrals” Throw away your “hit counter” Check your rankings Top Dog ( US$199) Web Position Gold ( US$149), mostly US engines 5. Monitor your position

PowerPoint Presentation:

Thank U By J. Srivastav Reddy

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