Spiritual Effects of Wearing Jewellery

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in this ppt we describe the Spiritual Effects of Wearing Jewellery


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Spiritual Effects of Wearing Jewellery:

Spiritual Effects of Wearing Jewellery


INTRODUCTION Wearing J ewellery on a daily basis is being followed by people of various cultures. Just like women wearing different kinds of J ewellery, men also tend to wear rings and bracelets. If we look back into history, we will be able to see that different types of J ewellery have been worn by people of different civilizations.

Effect of Wearing a Ring::

Effect of Wearing a Ring: Wearing a ring on the ring finger attracts divine consciousness and it gets emitted from the ring. The ring created a pressure on the finger using the divine consciousness which enables acupressure to take place. This results in eliminating the black energy in the human body .

Effect of Wearing Earrings::

Effect of Wearing Earrings: By wearing earrings a flow of bliss is attracted towards those earrings and some particles of bliss are emitted from it. Thus results in attracting divine consciousness and spreads it all over the body and environment. Wearing earrings also has an acupuncture effect on the body .

Effect of Wearing Jewellery Around the Neck:

Effect of Wearing Jewellery Around the Neck By wearing a chain around the neck, the divine consciousness enriches the wave of absolute fire principle which is attracted by the jewel and emitted into the surroundings. Due to generating the wave of absolute fire principle a fighting spirit .


CONCLUSION There are many such benefits in wearing different types are J ewellery. Each jewel provides physical health benefits as well as spiritual benefits to its bearer. However, it is important to wear good quality J ewels in order to utilize such benefits. Hence be wise and pick the best silver J ewellery shops in Madurai for good quality silver J ewellery.

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