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in this ppt we describe the VARIOUS USES OF SILVER


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INTRODUCTION Silver is also called as the white metal. It is said to be a precious metal due to its rare and valuable nature. Silver is also considered as a noble metal because of its resistance for corrosion and oxidation. Nowadays silver has become a material of innovation and it is being used in many unexpected places and products. Here are some of such incredible uses of silver in different places

Uses of Silver in Investment::

Uses of Silver in Investment: Silver still retains its value as a commodity. Many people choose to invest in silver using financial mediums like stocks and mutual funds and also by buying and storing 99.9% of pure silver in the form of coins and bars. Sometimes people produce silver collector edition coins to buyers at a price that values more than of the silver to make the coin.

Uses of Silver in Jewellery::

Uses of Silver in Jewellery: The important traditional use of silver is jewellery and silverware. The properties like malleability, luster, and reflectivity make silver a beautiful choice. Due to silver’s soft nature, it has to be alloyed with base metals like copper. Since the silver is less expensive metal than gold, it is being widely chosen for jewellery and for fine dining.

Other Uses of Silver:

Other Uses of Silver Today, silver is being applied to many new uses. Silver ionic liquids at room temperature can be used to clean petroleum wastes. Though modern mirrors use metals like aluminum, many windows are coated with a thin layer of silver that reflects sunlight. Such silver coating helps in keeping the interior cool during summer.


CONCLUSION Due to silver’s unique properties, it seems to have many uses. The traditional use of silver like jewellery and silverware depends upon the creativity of those artists whereas modern use relies on the needs of scientist and engineers. Nowadays there are many Silver Jewellery Showrooms in Madurai.

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