How to become an expert in C Programming

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Learn C and Unix Programming at #FITA. A perfect place to learn all technical courses.


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How to become an expert in C Programming C is a programming language which helps to build the mobile application with best features. C programming was invented by Dennis Ritchie in 1973 at Bell labs. Pros of C and C++ 1. C is a middle-level language and it combines both the low level and high-level languages. 2. C is a general purpose programming language which helps to develop games enterprise applications graphics etc. 3. C++ is highly portable language and it supports multiple app developments on the different platform. 4. C++ allows function overloading and exception handling 5. C++ is fast powerful and efficient. It supports from Graphical User Interface GUI applications to 3D graphics. Why do I learn C C programming is simple and easy to learn. It runs faster and the code was written in assembly language. The uses of C are: 1. Language Compilers 2. Databases 3. Language Interpreters 4. Modern Programs 5. Print Spoolers 6. Network Drivers 7. Operating Systems 8. Text Editors Features of C C is a powerful language. Portability Interactivity Reliability and Modularity are some of the features of C language. This programming has many advantages. Know more learn everything about programming with real-time examples. Taking C Language Training will be highly helpful to learn all those concepts in a short period of time. UNIX – What it is and why it matters

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Unix is an ever-growing one which supports for the development process. It is an operating system and it is a backbone of the internet. Approach Unix Training in Chennai and learn the commands with best examples. Expert guidance is helpful to learn the advanced concepts. Below I have the list the commands and rules this will be helpful to learn in an easy way. UNIX Commands 1. mkdir – Make a directory 2. rmdir – Remove a directory 3. mv – Move or rename files 4. rm – Remove all file 5. cd – Change directory 6. cp – Copy file Helpful UNIX Commands 1. xv – Run graphics file 2. gimp – Run photo shop program 3. netscape – Run Netscape browser 4. ispell – Spell Check Valuable UNIX Commands 1. passwd – Change passwd 2. ps opt - List all running process 3. gzip file - Compress and Uncompress file Career Growth In the current scenario there is an increasing demand for programmers. People who want to make your career in programming domain can take up training from C and C++ Institute. Specialists from top MNCs train the students from basic level to advanced level. Use this opportunity and become masters in coding. Taking C++ Training will be helpful. With coding knowledge an individual can build an app design the web and develop software with less coding.

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