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Near field communication (NFC) : 

Near field communication (NFC) By: Nfc Seminar

Near Field Communication : 

Near Field Communication Easy to use wireless communication interface for the last few centimeters Easy to use target selection, by simply holding two devices close to each other NFC is as easy as…. … a touch

What is Near Field Communication : 

What is Near Field Communication Short range wireless communication technology between electronic devices Used in mobile devices-(Cell phone, PDA) Developed by Phillips and Sony

NFC - Technical Basics : 

NFC - Technical Basics Wireless Short Range Communication Technology Based on RFID technology at 13,56 MHz Operating distance typical up to 10 cm Compatible with today’s field proven contactless RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology Data exchange rate today up to 424 kilobits/s RFID object NFC

Technical specifications : 

Technical specifications NFC is an ISO 18000-3 RFID compatible short range point to point communication standard governed under IEC and ISO specification 13157,amongs others. It has an operating range of under 20 cm and takes less than 0.2 seconds to establish the connection. Power consumption during reading the data is under 15 mA.

How NFC Works : 

How NFC Works NFC is based on RFID technology that uses magnetic field induction between electronic devices in close proximity. For two devices to communicate using NFC, one device must have an NFC reader/writer and one must have an NFC tag. The tag is essentially an integrated circuit containing data, connected to an antenna, that can be read or written by the reader.

Benefits over other wireless Communication standards : 

Benefits over other wireless Communication standards Why use a whole new technology,one might ask,when we already have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth etc.that we can utilize for the purpose ? The answer: Convenience and Security

Benefits over other wireless Communication standards : 

Benefits over other wireless Communication standards BLUETOOTH and WI-FI communications has a broader coverage than NFC, often ranging between 1 meter to 100 meters. This can lead to two problems. If the devices are set to accept connections without authentication ,anyone within this range can connect to them and access the information stored on the other device, creating a major security issue .While this security concern can be addressed by requiring a password for establishing the connection, this leads to another problem: Pairing devices securely using Bluetooth or establishing a secure connection over wi-Fi involves navigating through the device setting and entering passwords, which takes away the convenience factor.

Uses and Applications : 

Uses and Applications There are currently three main uses of NFC: The NFC device behaves like an existing contactless card The NFC device is active and reads a passive RFID tag, for example for interactive advertising Two NFC devices communicating together and exchanging information.

Slide 10: 

Mobile ticketing in public transport: an extension of the existing contactless infrastructure, such as Mobile Phone Boarding Pass. Mobile payment Smart poster: the mobile phone is used to read RFID tags on outdoor billboards. Bluetooth pairing: in the future, pairing of Bluetooth 2.1 devices with NFC support will be as easy as bringing them close together and accepting the pairing. Electronic ticketing Electronic money Travel cards Identity documents Uses and Applications

Near Field Communication Applications : 

Near Field Communication Applications Low cost solution to distribute info / services e.g. by passive loops embedded in paper media Smart Key - for mobile local payment Peer to Peer communication, Virtual Connector - either directly or by establishing wireless links NFC enables a unique blend of valued applications

Benefits of NFC : 

Benefits of NFC Faster and easier payments Quick access to information Can replace your wallet

Challenges Facing NFC : 

Challenges Facing NFC Security issues Availability of NFC enabled devices and components

Security : 

Security Eavesdropping Data Modification Relay Attack Lost Property Walk Off

Companies Involved With NFC : 

Companies Involved With NFC Cell phone manufactures Credit card companies Chip makers Nokia,Philips and Sony

Future Devices and Use : 

Future Devices and Use On November 15, 2010 Eric Schmidt announced at the Web 2.0 Summit that the Android will support NFC starting from version 2.3 ("Gingerbread"). The first Android handset which supports this technology is the Nexus S. On January 25, 2011, Bloomberg  published a report stating that Apple was actively pursuing development of a mobile payment system employing NFC. New generations of iPhone, iPod and iPad products would reportedly be equipped with NFC capability which would enable small-scale monetary transactions. Near Field Communications World stated on March 21, 2011 that Sonim Technologies will add NFC to its XP3300 Force device later this year.

Future Of NFC : 

Future Of NFC By 2011 sales are expected to reach 870 million BY 2011 over 500 million people will have NFC capable phones

Available nfc-Enabled smartphones : 

Available nfc-Enabled smartphones Samsung:Galaxy SII,Nexus S,Galaxy Note,Galaxy Nexus and Wave 578 HTC:Amaze 4G Nokia:C7,603,700,701 and N9 BlackBerry: Bold 9790,9900 and 9930;Torch 9810 and 9860; Curve 9350,9360 and 9370

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