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27 August 2010 NON-CONVENTIONAL ENERGY SOURCES: Non-conventional energy resources are defined as those resources which cannot be depleted at any point of time and henceforth are called the renewables. various forms of non conventional energy sources... SOLAR ENERGY BIOMASS ENERGY GEOTHERMAL ENERGY TIDAL ENERGY WIND ENERGY Slide 2 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 The total solar energy available to the earth is approximately 3850 zettajoules (Z J) per year. Slide 3 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 PRINCIPLE The solar tower operates like a hydroelectric power plant, but instead of water it uses hot air. Beneath the collector glass roof air is heated & enters a vertical tube placed at the center of roof & creates an up draught there. Inside the tower pressure staged turbine with electrical generators are placed to produce electricity. The glass roof collector of a solar tower also operates with overcast sky, reap. diffuse light- A DECISIVE ADVANTAGE! Slide 4 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 CONSTRUCTION THE SOLAR TOWER CONSISTS OF TOWER COLLECTOR TURBINES TOWER Tower is the key to the energy production. The efficiency of tower depends on the difference in temperature. Relation between size & height of tower determines the power station’s efficiency. These are generally made of reinforced concrete with a life span of 50 years. THE SOLAR CHIMNEY Slide 5 of 21

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27 August 2010 COLLECTOR: Made up of translucent material such as glass. Raised several meters above the ground. Design facilitates air to be directed in vertical movement with minimum friction loss. Diameter for 200MW output vary with site relation. (generally 5 Km). Prototype details - Polyvinyl fluoride (4.4 hectares), thickness 0.1mm, life span of 10-12 yrs. Heat storing materials are used. Slide 6 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 TURBINES: Turbines are robust and quiet in operation.  Pressure-staged wind turbines are used. The energy yield from this pressure-staged turbine is greater than speed-stepped open-air turbine of the same diameter. Output achieved is proportional to the product of volume flow per unit and the fall in pressure at the turbine.  A turbine regulation system is used. Torque produced a factor to decide rate of power. Slide 7 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 Slide 8 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 Slide 9 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

Solar Tower Dimensions : 

27 August 2010 Solar Tower Dimensions Tower 1,000 metres high , 130 metres diameter Collector 7000 metres diameter glass/polycarbonate/plastic film Turbines 32 units X 6.25 MegaWatt Land 4,000 hectares under option Construction 34 months Jobs 1200+ at peak of construction Capacity 200 MegaWatt (200,000 Households) Slide 10 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 Solar chimney set up in Manzanares, Spain, in 1982. Solar chimney’s * height – 100mts * collector roof dia– 3 miles (4287.9 mts) * made up of glass or resistive plastic. * power generated – 15MW Slide 11 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 The new solar power plant planned for north-western Victoria is expected to be the biggest in the world . Enviro mission’s….. * height – 1000mts * power generated - 200MW FUTURE PROJECT... --> <-- LATEST PROJECT... THE SOLAR CHIMNEY Slide 12 of 21

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27 August 2010 The efficiency of the solar chimney power plant is below 2% Where does the other 98% go? There is a temperature drop with altitude of about 10° C for a 1000 metre chimney. Large quantities of warm air have to be lifted from the ground to chimney top. This is gravitational energy lost. The air that leaves the chimney is above ambient temperature at that altitude. This is thermal energy lost. Ambient air that is drawn into the collector and is warmed expands with little increase in pressure. The majority of solar input is lost in the simple expansion of air before it reaches the turbine. None of this is surrendered to the turbine. Slide 13 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY Slide 14 of 21 ANIMATION

Production (at a site with annual global radiation of 2300KWH (m2-s) : 

27 August 2010 Production (at a site with annual global radiation of 2300KWH (m2-s) Slide 15 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY


27 August 2010 MERITS: This unique chimney is also helpful for green house effect . Solar and other renewable energy systems do not require any connection to a power or natural gas grid.  There is zero power input by us to which there is an output.      NO CORBON DIOXIDE Every process involving production of power has carbon dioxide as an unavoidable waste product. But here there is no combustion and no carbon dioxide. Slide 16 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 ENERGY PRODUCTION COST TABLE: Comparison between the energy production costs of two x 200 MW solar chimneys and 400 MW coal and combined cycle power plants according to the present business managerial calculations. Slide 17 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY


27 August 2010 DEMERITS Solar electricity is expensive than electricity generated by other sources. On cloudy days it will not be possible to generate solar energy. The output is highly dependent on natural run-off. Slide 18 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY


27 August 2010 USES IN INDIA : A tropical country like India can potentially generate 200 MW power and this can be of great importance when utilized properly. CONCLUSION : A resource energy , which could not exhaust soon. A working medium that is omnipresent . An exhaust that doesn’t harm the atmosphere. A massive energy output, which has become invincible Slide 19 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY

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27 August 2010 Slide 20 of 21 THE SOLAR CHIMNEY


27 August 2010 QUERIES… THE SOLAR CHIMNEY Slide 21 of 21

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