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AJ Help Desk SaaS provides simple and effective help desk services to your customer support system. It covers customer support, ticket system and online help depends on your business needs.


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Web Based Help Desk Hosted Solution [SaaS] Business Presentation Developed By Business Development Group AJ Square Inc

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Complete Support Suite (FAQ, Trouble Shooter) Staff Management Departmental Approach SLA Settings Article Restore Knowledge Base E-Mail Support Live Chat Support Community Support Self Support Ticket Support News, Feedback, RSS, Events, Testimonial Integrated Admin Panel

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Knowledge Base Support Support for three knowledge base sources Articles PDFs Videos Multiple Category & Multi-level Subcategory Easy to Use Navigation Browse by Category Search By Keyword Search by Tagged Keyword Related Articles Top 10 Articles

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Knowledge Base Support Simple & Advanced Search E-mail to friend option Print Option (for articles) Save as PDF option (for articles) In-depth Metrics System No. Of Hits Comments Star Rating Useful or Not – Tagging Easy to create Articles – WYSIWYG editor

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Self Support Support for two types of Self support Elements FAQ Step-By-Step Trouble Shooter Multiple category – Multilevel subcategory Top 10 Questions Easy to create Step-By-Step Multilevel troubleshooter

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Ticket Support Simple Ticket Posting – Any Registered Member can post the ticket Five level Priority Based Ticketing System (low, medium, high, urgent, critical) Auto Assign of Tickets directly to Staff members - Department Wise Auto Suggestion of Knowledge Base content with respect to the data entered in the ticket problem column, minimizing the tickets ration & providing speedy resolution Set SLA & Auto respond Time w.r.t priority Automated Mails on Ticket Posting, Resolution & Closing with ticket details

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com E-Mail Support Advanced Email Parser, a versatile and powerful incoming mail processing tool that can handle many email tasks automatically. Automatically convert email to database records. Save time & money by automating message processing. Increase support by automating auto responses and email follow ups. It fetches messages, parses them and enters the information it extracts into a database

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Live Chat Support Live Chat provides real time text support right in your browser. Multiple Department – Multiple Staff Settings Facility to Chat with Multiple User at a time (Multiple Customers – One Staff) Ability to send attachments via Chat System Chat History- Auto Saved Chat Transfer between Online Staffs Integrated Sound alert system Embeddable Operator Chat Icons

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com News, Events, Feedback Testimonial, RSS Easy to publish News System, helping you to keep your support suite dynamic Controls to add & manage company events Feedback capturing widget to use in multiple websites Testimonial posting widget to use in multiple websites RSS for News & Events

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Department – Staff Approach Easy to control Department – Staff control Separate login & back office control for staffs Multiple Departments – Multiple Staff Inbuilt Staff Skill evaluation system Inbuilt Staff –Staff communication system & work transfer system

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com SLA Based Workflow Easy to manage SLA (Service Level Agreement) for Support Tickets Auto responder mails on ticket posting acknowledgement, ticket closing & ticket reopen Admin can set hours for Low, High, Medium, Critical tickets for effective implementation of SLA Automated notification & alert to admin on SLA failures

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Administrative Controls Separate login for Administrator & Staff Complete Site Management Category Management Article Management User Management Email Templates Management Support Ticket Management Live Chat – Management Feedback, Testimonial Management Language Management Video Management

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Professional Support 24 x 7 Customer Support Live Chat Support Phone Support (Toll FREE) Getting Started Guide Integrated Help System Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Path to Success

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Risk Free - 30 Days Trail Simple Registration (takes about just 2 minutes) No credit card required Complete access up to 6 staff members in trial account

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Grow With Us Auto enroll to the affiliate program 10 – 30 % commission on new sign-ups 10 % recurring on subscription fee every month ensuring a solid income

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© 2010, AJ Square Inc www.ajhelpdesk.com Thank You www.ajhelpdesk.com For Sales sales@ajhelpdesk.com For Partnership info@ajhelpdesk.com Toll Free 1-805-624-6303 Twitter @ajhelpdesk

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