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PAT-301 DISEASE MANAGEMENT IN CROPS (2+1) Course Teacher Dr. Theradimani Dr. Paramasivan

Diseases of jasmine:

Diseases of jasmine

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Fusarium wilt - Fusarium solani Sclerotium wilt/ Southern blight - Sclertium rolfsii Alternaria leaf blight - Alternaria jasmini Leaf spot - A. alternata C. Leaf spot - C. jasminicola Phoma leaf spot - Phoma herbarum

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Powdery mildew – Odium jasmini Anthracnose – Colletotrichum jasminicola Rust – Uromyces hobsonii Phyllody – MLO


FUSARIUM WILT Causal organism – F. solani on J . sambac Symptoms: Yellowing of lower leaves which gradually spreads upwards and finally results in death of the plant. Root shows black discolouration

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MANAGEMENT: Collection and destruction of diseased plants Soil drenching with 0.1% Carbendazim


SCLEROTIUM WILT Causal org: S . rolfsii Symptoms: Whitish mycelial growth can be seen adhering to the surface of the roots and also on the soil at the root region of the affected plants.

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Mode of spread & survival: In the soil as sclerotia MANAGEMENT: Soil drenching with 0.1% bordeaux mixture


ALTERNARIA LEAF BLIGHT Causal Org: A . jasmini Symptoms: Dark brown spot on affected leaves In each lesion concentric rings characteristics of A. leaf blight can be seen. Oval to elongated brown spots develop on petioles, stem, calyx and even on tubular corolla

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Mode of spread and survival Wind borne conidia Management: Spraying with 0.1% carbendazim Spraying can be repeated at 7-10 days interval


ALTERNARIA LEAF SPOT C. org: A . alternata Symptoms: Spots which are mostly marginal start from the tip of the leaves and proceeds towards petiole end. Irregular wood brown lesions are separated from healthy tissue by dark coloured bands. In lateral stage shot hole symptoms are visible

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Management: Spraying with 0.2% mancozeb 75% w.p or 0.2% copper oxychloride 50% w.p


CERCOSPORA LEAF SPOT C. org: C . jasminicola Symptoms: Spots are sub-circular to irregular, 4-8 mm in dia. Reddish brown and often with the slightly darker border. In later defoliation and die-back of twigs.

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Mode of spread & survival : Wind borne conidia Management: Spraying with 0.1% benomyl or 0.3% Copper ox chloride or 0.1% carbendazim 50 % w.p


PHOMA LEAF SPOT C.org: Phoma herbarum Symptoms: Initially the spots appears as small, circular and light brown . Lateral they increase in size , coalesce and turn into brownish to ashy necrotic areas.

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POWDERY MILDEW C. org: O . jasmini Symptoms: White powdery patches on the upper surface of the leaves. Mode of spread: Wind borne conidia


ANTHRACNOSE C. org: C . jasminicola Symptoms: Large, circular, distinct, brownish to greyish spots outlined with brown to yellowish haloes appears on the upper surface of the leaves.

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Mode of spread & survival: Wind borne conidia Management: Spraying with 0.2% zineb or 0.3% copper oxy chloride


RUST C. org: U . hobsonii Symptoms: Leaf appears as orange coloured pustules on both the surface of leaves. Numerous blisters occur. Infected portions become hypertrophied. Buds do not open Splitting of barks.

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Mode of spread& survival: Spreads through wind borne uredospores Management: Dusting of sulphur at 20-25kg/ha or spraying mancozeb 0.2% or Bayleton 0.05%


PHYLLODY C. org: MLO Symptoms: Affected plants are bushy. Leaves are small, malformed and are closely arranged. Mode of spread: By “ white fly ”and by grafting

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MANAGEMENT: Cuttings for new planting should be obtained from disease free plants

Other Diseases:

Other Diseases Septoria leaf spot - S . altehsonii Fulvia leaf mould - F . fulva Spot anthracnose - Elsinoe jasminae Leaf blight & stem blemish - Cylindorsporium sp. B. Leaf spot - X . campestris pv . Jasminii Chlorotic ring spot - Virus

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Thank you by s. sriniganesan

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