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A mystery / romantic suspense novel by S.R.Claridge, that tugs at the heart and taunts the mind.


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Introducing NO EASY WAY by S.R.Claridge

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Swerving with the kind of precision only blind rage can empower, the black pick-up crushes Kansas Oil Tycoon, Lou Miller…

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… leaving his widow with an impossible choice. Cover the sin that lead to her husband’s death and conceal the identity of his killer, or risk the destruction of her family.

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She weaves a net of protection around her family, but the day she dies it begins to unravel … Leaving her grandson, Tom, and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kate, in grave danger.

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Private Investigator, Stephen Braznovich, races to piece together a family secret before the next victim falls prey to deep-rooted revenge. The problem is anyone who gets close to the truth ends up dead.

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Missing evidence, mistaken identity and manipulations leave Braznovich trapped between white lies and dark lusts.

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On the verge of an unwanted divorce, Tom must decide between a confession that could save his marriage, or lie and save himself.

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Tension mounts as Tom and Kate’s lives hang in a twisted balance of crossed lines and misunderstood motives, all pointing to one simple truth…

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… there is No Easy Way

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Published by Vanilla Heart Publishing Available NOW at: AMAZON Barnes & Noble OmniLit Smashwords AllRomanceEbooks

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