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Describe the clothing below including the color. Be sure your adjectives agree with item. Es bonito. Es feo. Es bastante barato. Es bastante caro. ¡Es un robo! Está (pasado) de moda. $45 $5 $25 $8 $8 Los calcetines morados son feos. No me gustan. Son bastante caros. $75 $175 $2 $15

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Take turns asking and stating how much something costs (cuesta/cuestan). Try to be specific about the item besides just the color. Express your opinion on this price (caro/barato) and if you like it or not. $74 $17 $30 $99 $3 $8 Persona A: ¿Cúanto cuestan los calcetines morados? Persona B: Cuestan 8 dólares. Es caro. No me gustan. $15

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