Full stack Digital marketing v/s Full Stack Web Development

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In this Pdf Presentation, we can get to know the differences between Full-stack digital marketing & Full Stack Web Development.


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Full stack Digital marketing v/s Full Stack Web Development Full Stack Digital Marketing refers to the marketing efforts that use the digital media to reach out to the customers. Through SEO Search Engine Optimization SMO Social Media Optimization SEM Search Engine Marketing SMM Social Media Marketing Content Marketing Email Marketing and Analytics a full stack digital marketer interacts and engages with the customers and helps in promoting the brand. Businesses need a digital marketer who can formulate effective digital marketing strategies by using the right combinations of various channels available. Full stack web development encompasses the development of both front end and back end portions of an application. A full stack web developer takes care of the user interface development of APIs databases networking and security. Growth of Full Stack Digital Marketing Full Stack Web Development in Industry

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There is a marked shift from the traditional mediums of television and print media to the digital strategies in the overall marketing efforts. More and more brands today are shifting to the use of the digital medium for promotion. By engaging the customers on social media the brands are able to establish a connection with their customers. Increased brand awareness and loyalty is encouraging digital marketers to allocate more and more funds in this direction. But this requires need of some experts who can use the various digital marketing channels like Facebook Instagram Google Plus LinkedIn to achieve the marketing objectives. That is why digital marketers who have the potential to develop innovative strategies and show significant quantitative results like increased lead generation and sales are in great demand. Full Stack Digital marketers today are experts in handling the entire marketing funnel including Search engine optimization Content marketing Display advertising Mobile app etc. By 2020 there will be 2 lakh digital jobs but not enough trained digital marketers to fill the positions. Thus people who gear up for this career will have a unique competitive advantage. Like full stack digital marketers the demand for full-stack web developers is also continuously on the rise. The scope of specialists who have either front- end or backend knowledge is slowly fading away. People who have advanced their skills by enrolling in full stack web development courses are in great demand. People who know about the entire web development process from designing development to deployment are the ones that are the most sought after by the companies. Roles Industry Opportunities Since brands across various industry verticals are using the digital medium for their marketing strategies the role of the digital marketer becomes a prominent one. It involves setting the goals understanding the target audience behavior selecting the right digital channels budgeting and then using the channels in an effective way in order to communicate the message. A digital marketer knows how to use WordPress to build a website that offers greater experience to the user. By using WordPress they can bring changes to the website. This way they can reach out to the customers with various offers and promotions in real time and improve customer service. A digital marketer also understands the importance of SEO blogs and content marketing. The role of the digital marketer is to use various optimization strategies and the right tools to get top positions for the website in search engine result pages. They know

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how to select a theme for the blog and then develop unique content that reaches out to its audience and increases organic traffic. The digital marketer knows how to use the social media platforms like Facebook Instagram Twiter Youtube etc. as a tool that increases customer engagement. They also run paid advertising campaigns to generate leads for the business. The digital marketers also measure the effectiveness of the marketing efforts through marketing automation. They use Google Analytics to determine which efforts are yielding maximum results and how they need to tweak their efforts to realize the marketing goals. A full stack web developer needs to be familiar with both the front end and back end portion of developing an application. He is familiar with writing optimized front-end code in HTML CSS JavaScript as well as creating APIs and writing in backend languages like Ruby PHP OR Python. He works with system infrastructure including hardware and OS networking security and databases. Industry is on the lookout for such versatile developers who have the functional knowledge of the entire process of web development. So if you are looking for Jobs in Full Stack web development then enroll in a course that prepares you for the road ahead. Ace Web Academy has various courses that match different capabilities and interests and helps one kick-start his career in full stack web development. How much a Full Stack Digital Marketer and Full Stack Web Developer will earn

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A few years back digital marketing was considered as an unconventional career path. But today it has become a mainstream career that most youngsters want to take up. As the number of internet users and smartphone users are increasing the business opportunity to sell to this growing population is also increasing. Companies are increasing the allocation of budgets to digital marketing efforts. A successful digital marketer does not require any specific qualification. Passion to work and formal training in this field is enough to bag a well-paying digital marketing job. One can get employed in an advertising company or a digital marketing agency with a very attractive Digital marketing salary. One can start a business of one’s own or also work on a freelance basis. In India many startups and software companies only want to hire full-stack developers. The average full stack developer salary in India is around 6 lakhs. In the United States the average salary is around 90000. A full stack developer needs to keep pace with the fast changing technology landscape in order to be employable. A full stack web development course can help one get a fatter paycheck than those who are specialists in just front end or back end. So take up a full stack digital marketing or a full stack web development course and have a bright future ahead in your career.

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