What is Full Stack Development? How to Become Full Stack Developer?

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In this presentation, we can get a clear idea of Full-Stack Development and how to become a good Full-Stack developer. Full-Stack development is one of the best careers in this generation and on high demand in the IT Industry.


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What is Full Stack Development How to Become Full Stack Developer A Step by Step Guide What is Full Stack Development Definition Full stack development refers to the development of both front end and back end portions of an application. This web development process involves all three layer- Presentation layer front end part that deals with the user interface Business Logic Layer back end part that deals with data validation and the database

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Layer. It takes care of all the steps from the conception of an idea to the actual finished product. Having a specialist work on each of the different subsystems of web development process proves quite complex and expensive. Companies are demanding full stack developers who are proficient in working across multiple stacks. Full Stack Web Developer definition: A full stack developer has the functional knowledge and the ability to work on all aspects involved in building an application. He is proficient in • Writing optimized front-end code in HTML Java JavaScript • Creating and using APIs and writing backend code in Ruby Python/Java • Working with system infrastructure including hardware and OS • Networking Security • Understanding creating and querying databases • Project management and Client coordination Hence a full stack developer can develop strategies for every part of the web development process. He develops this deep knowledge of the systems through years of experience in working in this field. So a full stack developer is nothing less than a veteran who has high responsibilities. Such skills are difficult to gather and people who possess these skills are greatly in-demand in the industry. Though experience makes one an expert in this field there are various courses that one can do to start off the journey and become a full stack developer. Here we have listed down the 4 most popular courses in full stack. Read on to find out which course matches your capabilities and interests. Full Stack Web Development Course: Companies are looking at hiring web developers who are experts in all facets of the web development process. They are looking at people who can play different roles like a designer developer and database specialist. Specialist in single subsystems like only front-end or back end cannot understand the bigger picture of the entire system. Moreover when multiple experts work on the development process it becomes complex and time consuming. Coordination and strategizing

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also become an issue. That is why Full stack developers are the most sought after by companies today. Though there are several courses that one can do to learn different technologies these courses are only a few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Even after learning a few of these technologies one will not understand how these pieces fit in to complete the puzzle. With a full stack web development course you can gain expertise in multiple technologies and also learn how they work in sync with each other. These courses provide a seamless transition from a simple developer to a full stack developer. The developer learns how to use different technologies to design develop and launch the website. A full stack web development course will teach you how to design and develop complete websites from start to finish. You will learn how to work on different aspects of web development including front-end back-end databases debugging testing version control and other essential technologies. You will go through each of these segments in a step by step manner and gain expertise in each of them. The courses cover both theory based learning as well as practical application. Live projects give hands on experience to work as a full stack developer.

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Here are some of the most common technologies that you will develop expertise in under each segment. • Front end- HTML HTML5 JavaScript J Query CSS3 • Backend- Ruby on Rails PHP Angular2 Node.js • Database- MySQL MongoDB CouchDB • Debugging/Version Control- GIT Grunt Xdebug Subversion So basically these courses begin with giving you a fundamental knowledge of front end development. You will learn how to use HTML5 CSS3 to create simple applications. Then you will go on to learn advanced concepts needed to create interactive and responsive designs. With knowledge of popular backend technologies like Node.js and Ruby on Rails you will become a master in developing and coding complex server side applications. You will also learn how to make powerful use of relational database and how to secure and configure the server and host applications. You will explore how to implement a number of advanced features like email notifications user authentication and many more. Working with servers performing database integrations and troubleshooting development issues will be a piece of cake for you. Looking to learn front end development find best HTML Training institutes in Hyderabad here Rich learning content including training videos online resources e-books interactive quizzes exercises will be provided to you to facilitate learning. You will be taught by top industry professionals who have ample experience of working in this field. Assignments Case studies and live projects help you to learn by doing it hands on. Effective feedback on the projects and personalized attention will make learning a very smooth process.Once you learn how to design develop and launch a website single-handedly you will have a bright career path ahead of you. Some training institutes also help you with placements in leading companies so that you can get a head start in your career. So if you are a graduate with basic knowledge of computers OS and basic coding skills you can hope for a bright career in web development after taking this course. If you are already in the development field with the only front end or only back end knowledge you can advance your skills to the highest level by enrolling for a full stack web development course. After all the future scope of specialists in only one area is slowly fading away. You should be an expert in the

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entire process right from designing development to deployment. Software development companies Website development studios- all are looking for Full Stack web developers who are masters in all fields. Full Stack mobile app Development Course: As the smartphone usage it set to double in the next 3 years the demand for mobile app developers for both Android and iOS is on the rise. If you have a fundamental knowledge of programming languages then a full stack mobile app Development Course can prepare you for a bright career in this field. This course will cover everything starting from basic fundamentals to variables math operations loops OOP concepts collections multiprocessing database and much more. You will get hands on experience of developing gaming apps and social media apps. You will learn how to use Cordova application framework to build mobile applications targeting multiple platforms with a single codebase. You will know how to access the native capabilities of the mobile devices using Cordova. You will be taught about Bootstrap and Angular JS then you can leverage those skills to become an expert in using Ionic framework. You will learn how to use Ionic framework to build elegant front end interfaces as well as implement client and server side logic. You will know how to write multi-browser multi-device code to build hybrid mobile apps. If you wish to switch to mobile development this course will make you aware of the entire lifecycle from conceptualization prototyping development to the final launch. Full Stack Web App Development Course: Full stack web app development courses are meant for people who wish to be an expert in developing web applications. This course will familiarize you with each layer of the software technology including data base technology web server environment network protocols and user interface. Here you will learn all the fundamental concepts that you need to develop test and deploy your own full-

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stack web app from start to finish. As you learn the theoretical concepts you will actually build a full stack web app along with the course so that you gain first hand working experience. You will also learn how to include features like user authentication and user accounts. A basic understanding of HTML CSS and Javascript is a prerequisite for this course.

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