10 of the Best Free Gantt Chart Software & Examples in 2020

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You need to accomplish your task with accuracy and precision, and that too within the fixed timeline. There are a lot of things running on the schedule that one needs to manage while working on a project.


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Home Features Downloads How it works FAQs Connect with us T o g g l e n a v i g a t i o n Home Pricing Features Solutions Self-Hosting Chat API Solution Custom App Defence Government NGOs Help Downloads Login Free 30-Day Trial Web Messenger blogs 10 Best free Gantt Chart Software in 2020 10 Best free Gantt Chart Software in 2020 20 Jun 2019 Vyshnavi Basuthkar You are here - On a page that talk talks about ‘Free Gantt Chart Software.’ Would it be too early to say ‘your search ends here’ I guess not. Because here you get to review an impartial analysis of top Gantt chart software with templates and examples. This blog post needs your undivided attention. 5 minutes will be enough. Let’s start with the basics. Missing a deadline when you are on a serious project is never an option You need to accomplish your task with accuracy and precision and that too within the fixed timeline. There are a lot of things running on the schedule that one needs to manage while working on a project.

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Project management is not as easy as you think. You will have to keep a record of every step you take. It will be difficult to maintain such records if you dont have a Gantt Chart Software. Right from the duration for the task name of the person who is assigned to the task task milestone how much investment was involved and how much time is scheduled for each achieving each milestone-everything must be recorded with top-notch accuracy. Trending Article For fulfilling these project management requirements Gantt chart software always comes in handy. Unlike the traditional timeline charts and manual records it focuses more on the interdependencies within tasks instead of emphasizing only on the broad picture. What is a Gantt chart Gantt chart is a very important tool that is used to visually schedule and monitor the projects. Its main objective is to show the activities which are finished the ones that are currently ongoing and also those that are yet to start. 1. Gantt project 2. ProofHub 3. Gantter 4. Bitrix24 5. TeamGantt 6. Backlog 7. GanttPro 8. GoodGantt 9Rational plan 10. Toms planner 11. ProjectLibre 12. Hansoft 13. Merlin Project 4 Table of Contents

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Henry Gantt was the first person to introduce the concept of a Gantt chart and ever since it has become an integral project management tool. Gantt chart gives a visual or graphical representation of all the tasks undertaken in the project. It also gives the duration for each task and other important details with the progression of the project. Generally the bar of the graph changes its shading to show the progress in the project. Upon the completion of the project the graph colour turns to a different shade. Also it can show the name of the person to whom a particular task is assigned and the milestones that are set to achieve the final goal. You can get your work done in a free Gantt chart software without buying one. Gantt Chart Glossary you need to know: Tasks: Tasks are different types of work assigned to individuals which should be done to reach the goal. They come with the start date end date duration assigned person and all the other details involved. Milestone: It’s a task with zero duration. It can indicate an important date in the project plan for example the initiation or completion of an important task. You might use it to make the completion dates of specific tasks. Summary task: It is a group of tasks. They are made of sub-tasks which shows combined information. Task status: It shows the progress percentage and completion of the task. Dependencies: It shows the link and connection between different errands. Assigned resources: It indicates the name of the people assigned to specific tasks Top 10+ free Gantt chart available online Gantt project A Simple Gantt Chart

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Price: Free Supported Platform: Windows Linux OSX Here’s why we have placed Gantt project at the top position of this list: It’s available for free for both the personal and commercial uses. Established in 2003 Gantt Project is not just a clone of MS project but a lot more. It is one of the most efficient and trusted free Gantt chart software. Gantt project will run anywhere where Java runtime is available as it is written in Java. It is a desktop application which can allow you to: Manage the elements like task and milestones including the initiation date priority duration notes and resources etc. Create a hierarchy which shows cost progress and details of lower-level tasks displayed on the upper level. Draw dependency: dependencies between tasks leads etc Baseline: you can compare your current status with your previous plans by creating baselines Generate PDF / JPEG/ PNG files It can export and import to/from CSV for analyzing data in spreadsheet apps. Allows import and export to Microsoft projects.

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Apart from all these great features Gantt Project allows users to do collaborate with WebDAV servers and use cloud storage for storing all projects in the cloud. As you can see Gantt project is a light and useful software which is very easy to use if you are a beginner in project management. ProofHub: Project management and Team collaboration Software ProofHub is a project management solution and collaboration software that makes work easier for teams. It facilitates planning helps in tracking progress and allows real-time collaboration and communication so that efficiency increases and deadlines are met on time. ProofHub is a project management software that has an exhaustive list of features and the Gantt chart is one of them. The Gantt chart in ProofHub gives you a timeline view of all your projects in one window. It helps in planning your projects and tracking the progress of tasks at any given time. Here is what you can do with ProofHub Gantt charts. Add tasks and task lists to the Gantt chart. Clearly distribute roles and duties by assigning tasks to team members. Set dependencies between tasks and adjust schedules as work changes or deadlines shift. Highlight the critical path to see which tasks directly affect the start and end date of the project. Adjust the start and end dates of tasks with a single drag and drop. Associate milestones with tasks. Pricing: ProofHub is priced at 99/month limited time offer. It offers a free trial with complete access to all its features. Platforms supported: Web-based Google Play Store App Store Gantter A tool with Gantt Chart examples

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Pricing: 5 per month per user. Gantter is also available for a 30-day free trial. Supported Platforms: Web-based apps. Gantter is a cloud-based community-powered project scheduling and management tool. Its most distinctive feature is the community contributed task scheduling templates and the suggest and assist the engine With Gantter you get an optimized user experience as it allows seamless integration with Google apps like Google Drive Calendar Hangout and etc. Primarily Gantter has three editions: Gantter Cloud Gantter for Google Drive and Gantter for G-Suite Here’s what you’ll get with these editions: Features: Save or open the Gantter files to Gantter cloud/Google Drive.

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Access to millions of free community-based templates. Access 24/7 community-powered support suggest and edit recommendation and real-time collaborative editing. Auto-Generated WBS Work breakdown structure custom columns built-in-analytics Cost and task tracking and resource auto- leveling. MS Project import and export. The team collaboration features let users bring multiple timelines and teams together work on multiple tasks and gauge the project completion. The Google edition is best for those who use Google drive and other G-suite applications. Bitrix24 Gantt chart for multiple projects Pricing: 69 per month for all team members Supported Platform: App Store and Google Play Store Bitrix24 is a highly reliable Gantt chart software with the main specialty of moving tasks while still keeping their connections to compare current and baseline state at any time. This is mainly a team collaboration software that offers benefits of project management and CRM. It can create a very professional Gantt chart for unlimited tasks and projects. Its another great option to work with 12-users. So even a small or average sized company can use it very easily. It also monitors the workload on employees and identifies the task which can be uncertainly delayed.

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Important features: Free unlimited projects Free unlimited subtasks Free 5gb online storage Multiple Gantt charts Free 12 users Task dependencies Cloud and on-premise Open source code and API Free mobile PM Android and IOS With Bitrix you can communicate with team members and also work collaboratively on the project by gauging the visual representation of tasks milestones deadlines and dependencies. Other fancy features are office reports checklists templates report builders etc. TeamGantt Construction Gantt Chart

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Pricing: 0 for small teams of three members. 49.5 and 74.5 for teams up to 5 and 10 members. Supported Platforms: Web-based This project management suite allows users to manage task while reviewing them in a different visual or graphical format. It provides team communication project planning and resource management functions which are very intuitive and offers user flexibility to assign tasks set deadline and create priorities via drag and drop option. Some of the exciting features of this project scheduling software are: Unlimited time for using the free version Drag and drop scheduling Customizable view through Google Calendar Centralized storage of tasks conversations documents and achievable. Review into team member’s workload and availability Exports to PDF but the watermark Auto-update on team progress Daily mail reminders File attachments Graphical formats for showing planned vs. actual timeline. TeamGantt brings project scheduling online with the easy-to-integrate Gantt software. Users can invite teammates co-workers and friends to edit and view the Gantt chart. Backlog project management Gantt chart

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Backlog is an all-in-one online project management tool for task management version control and bug tracking. Bringing together the organizational benefits of project management with the power and convenience of code management Backlog enhances team collaboration across organizations large and small. Plan work track progress and release code updates right in Backlog. Why Backlog Task management bug tracking and version control in one tool Visual Gantt and Burndown charts for better planning and resource management Built-in Git and SVN repositories Custom statuses and workflows to suit your project Mobile app for Android and iOS users Kanban-style boards for each project make it easy to view every task as they move through your workflow GanttPro Gantt Chart Software for Project Planning

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Pricing: Free 14-day trial and 15 per user per month Supported Platform: Web-based With this exclusive Gantt Chart software you can easily create charts and visual graphs through existing templates of project planning. These charts can be shared with team members for better collaboration and project management. Gantt pro has an extensive community of users who create and share editable templates for different projects. Here are some of the features of Gantt Pro: Unlimited number of projects and premium support Multiple Gantt chart baseline and task filter Can allow one active project per member Customizable export to PNG PDF and XL format Project estimation cost and working hours Onboarding and team progress tracking

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Resource management All the other basic Gantt chart features Gantt chart is a great pick for people working individually. It’s also a good choice if you want to work with your group since it supports features like team training sessions real-time notifications and project role settings for members. Good Gantt Diagram Gantt chart Pricing: Free for one user without restrictions. Prices for use in a team depending on its size. It starts at 2.99 per person per month Supported Platform: Web-based Many Trello users have been waiting for this for a long time. Now they have access to a Gantt Chart with deep integration in Trello. It will seem as if it is one application and you do not have to go to external pages during use. You can quickly plan a project by creating Trello cards directly from the Gantt Chart Here are some of the features of Good Gantt : On one Gantt chart you can view all your Trello boards You can set up integration with time trackers to keep track of the actual execution time of tasks by your employees

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Nice design Automate the movement of cards depending on the actions Evenly distribute the load between employees Group tasks and milestones ReTrack progress by the task Use hot keys for quick work Rational plan with Gantt Charts Timesheets Pricing: Free trial and the paid plan starts from 19 per month for cloud-hosted version. Supported Platforms: Linux Cloud-based On-premise. This comprehensive project planning and scheduling software covers are available for free with Linux. The rational plan offers a variety of project management features. It is available as a cloud-based solution as well as on-premise and it helps both the project managers and teams to develop a consistent project plan with the analyzed workload allocation of resources estimation of project cost and management of the budget.

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Rational Plan has two versions: You can either use cloud service or opt for an on-premise application. On-premise- single version for Linux- It shows advanced planning through dynamic Gantt charts and timesheets. This single version will allow you to share the project with MS users. Gives you a chance to share the details about your projects to other users who are involved. Cloud-based- Includes all the basic Gantt chart features for two users two projects 100 tasks and 5 MB storage. Here’s why Rational Plan is a great choice for Linux users: Schedule the project using duration driven activities. Use of recurrent split tasks and milestones. A visual way of tracking the baseline and dependencies Critical path detection Collaboration with team members and integration with Microsoft project files Some other feature includes portfolio management resource management tool costs tracking scheduling time management and all the basic Gantt chart features. Toms planner online Gantt Chart Maker

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Pricing: 9.95 per month Supported Platform: Web-based It is Import projects from Excel MS Project Trello and Basecamp an excellent web-based Gantt chart application. It requires no installation and has an easy drag and drop options with right click menu and task management. Tom’s planner really stands unique when it comes to the collaboration feature. This project scheduling tool offers a free subscription with two- user limitations and offers most of the basic features. With Tom’s Planner you can: Create professional Gantt charts and share them virtually Zoom in to check who’s doing what and how far they’ve progressed Drag and drop to make the edits and changes on the fly Import projects from Excel Basecamp MS Project and Trello Embed charts with SharePoint Wordpress and Confluence The free subscription can allow for 200 items in a schedule. It only lasts for one year. This software is recommended for beginners who want to have a basic knowledge of project management. ProjectLibre Compatibility with Microsoft Project

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Pricing: Free Supported Platform: Window Linux Mac OS. ProjectLibre is another great project scheduling solution for your team projects. Unlike other software it is not a complicated one. Its main objective is that all the company user should be able to learn to work in the chart even if they cannot afford it. Thats the reason it is open-source software. This open-source alternative of MS project has the following features: Gantt Chart Earned Value Costing WBS/RBS charts Network Diagram Resource Histograms Compatibility with Microsoft Project The software has received various awards which proves that being free it can give the best results. You can translate it into any language. It has versatility which makes it much easier to work for a small or large business.

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Hansoft tools along with a Gantt chart template Pricing: Varying rates depending on team members and type of installation Supported Platform: Cloud and On-premise Hansoft is originated from Sweden. The Swedish company offers many project management tools along with a Gantt chart template. Many companies swear by this software because of the seven main features. You are allowed to refine your task from the backlog feature. Long term as well as short term planning can be viewed and modified. Supports Kanban Waterfall method hybrids and Scrum Efficiency boosting feature like the acceleration of plan up to 20 Real-time dashboard to stay informed to real-world data and workflow management Hansoft has all the basic features like issue tracker to-do lists reports resource allocation integration backlogs and on-premise installation. So you might want to change your mind if you are working on a big project. Merlin project 4 Professional Project Management for Mac

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Pricing: 149 per year per user and 1415 per year for 10 users Supported Platform: Mac and iPad It is the latest project management software from the project wizard. It runs specifically on Mac so before you go for this software make sure your team can work on mac. It has all the basic features one Gantt chart software has and also it is user-friendly offering many possibilities. You can customize it as per your need. It can also be used offline. You can edit or modify your planning offline and it will keep the updates on the chart when you are back on. Kanban View and Waterfall feature Find critical paths and distribute tasks with few gestures Link attachment to tasks in the project Stay up-to-date with cloud storage Compact on the iPhone Export and Import through MS project. However it allows only 30 days for working free without any restriction but after that you must purchase it. Or you can upgrade Merlin project 3 which is totally free.

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Conclusion There are many options outlined in this article. You can narrow the best choice by understanding what each software offers and comparing it with your company’s needs. If you are still confused about which one to pick consider the following five capabilities of an ideal Gantt Chart software: It should support a maximum number of users and collaborators It should allow unlimited edits of the chart It should offer flexibility to work on multiple projects It should be easy-to-use with drag-and-drop features and one-click sync It should be compatible with the devices you and your team members use Once you keep these five features in your mind and also consider your team’s requirement the selection of the final pick will be a piece of cake gantt chart gantt chart software free gantt chart software best gantt chart software Team Collaboration like never before Try out 30day free trail Signup Enter name Enter email Submit Looking for a top-notch app builder stay tuned Subscribe our newsletter and get notifications to stay update Enter your email follow us gantt chart gantt chart software free gantt chart software best gantt chart software Recent blogs Correlation vs Causation: Definition Examples and why the difference matters Top 9 Project Management Certifications To Advance in Your Career in 2020 13 Free Paid File Sharing Sites like Dropbox Google Drive One Drive To create a Company Messenger get started download mobile app download pc app

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