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Introduction: : 

Introduction: Bloom Energy, is about to make public its invention: a little power plant-in-a-box they want to put literally in your backyard. The Bloom Box was formally introduced to the public at eBay’s headquarters in San Jose, Calif by the founder and CEO of Bloom energy, Dr.K.R. Sridhar. He introduced it as "It's the plug-and-play future of electricity"

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Bloom Energy hopes to revolutionize the energy industry, ushering in an era of cheap, relatively clean and personalized power plants. He began developing the technology as part of an effort to make Mars habitable for humans. The idea is to one day replace the big power plants and transmission line grid

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The technology is based on solid oxide fuel cells, which works like a battery but has a persistent source of fuel, such as natural gas, to keep the electricity flowing. However, at this juncture the Bloom Box is still pricey compared to cost per kilowatt for wind and solar power. The question is if and when Bloom Energy can drive down the costs to about $3,000 for a shoebox-sized fuel cell to power a house in the United States. According to the company's press release, each box fits the size of a parking space and delivers 100kW of power.

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The first customer of the bloom box was Google. Four units have been powering a Google datacenter for 18 months. They use natural gas, but half as much as would be required for a traditional power plant. EBay's CEO John Donahue said that the five Bloom Boxes installed on his campus 9 months ago have saved the company more than $100,000 in electricity costs. The Bloom Boxes cost an estimated $700,000 to $800,000 each

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"I have seen the technology and it works," former Secretary of State Colin Powell said. Bloom Energy is a Distributed Generation solution that is clean and reliable and affordable all at the same time. Bloom's Energy Servers can produce clean energy 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, generating more electrons than intermittent solutions, and delivering faster payback and greater environmental benefits for the customer

What is Distributed Generation? : 

What is Distributed Generation? Distributed generation (DG) refers to power generation at the point of consumption. Generating power on-site, rather than centrally, eliminates the cost, complexity, interdependencies, and inefficiencies associated with transmission and distribution Examples : power generator, solar power generator

The World Needs Distributed Generation that is Clean and Continuous : 

The World Needs Distributed Generation that is Clean and Continuous Historically, distributed generation meant combustion generators (e.g. diesel genets). They were affordable, and in some cases reliable, but they were not clean. Recently, solar has become a popular distributed generation option. Although the output is clean it is also intermittent, making it an incomplete strategy for businesses that need power around the clock, including when the sun is not shining.

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Executives from Google, Wal-Mart, FedEx, Staples, Coca-Cola and other blue-chip companies lauded the technology, saying it cuts both their carbon footprints and their energy California makes adopting green technologies like the Bloom Box attractive, with a 20 percent subsidy, in addition to a 30 percent federal tax break.

What is an Energy Server? : 

What is an Energy Server? Bloom’s energy server was built with the patented solid oxide fuel cell technology, Bloom's Energy Serve is a new class of distributed power generator, producing clean, reliable, affordable electricity at the customer site.

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Each Bloom Energy Server provides 100kW of power, enough to meet the base load needs of 100 average homes or a small office building... day and night, in roughly the footprint of a standard parking space. For more power simply add more energy servers and delivering faster payback and greater environmental benefits for the customer

Fuel cells: : 

Fuel cells: A fuel cell is an electrochemical cell that converts a source fuel into an electrical current. It generates electricity inside a cell through reactions between a fuel and an oxidant, triggered in the presence of an electrolyte. The reactants flow into the cell, and the reaction products flow out of it, while the electrolyte remains within it.

Design : 

Design Fuel cells come in many varieties; however, they all work in the same general manner. They are made up of three segments which are sandwiched together: the anode, the electrolyte, and the cathode. Two chemical reactions occur at the interfaces of the three different segments. The net result of the two reactions is that fuel is consumed, water or carbon dioxide is created, and the freed electrons travel through a wire creating the electrical current which can be used to power electrical devices

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For methanol fuel cells below are the chemical equations for the reaction: Anode Reaction: CH3OH + H2O → CO2 + 6H+ + 6e- Cathode Reaction: 3/2 O2 + 6H+ + 6e- → 3H2O Overall Reaction: CH3OH + 3/2 O2 → CO2 + 2H2O + electrical energy

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Many combinations of fuels and oxidants are possible. A hydrogen fuel cell uses hydrogen as its fuel and oxygen (usually from air) as its oxidant. Other fuels include hydrocarbons and alcohols. Direct-methanol fuel cell. The actual fuel cell stack is the layered cube shape in the center of the image

SOFC (High temperature fuel cells) : 

SOFC (High temperature fuel cells) A solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is extremely advantageous “because of a possibility of using a wide variety of fuel” . Unlike most other fuel cells which only use hydrogen, SOFC`s can run on hydrogen, butane, methanol, and other petroleum products. The different fuels each have their own chemistry. An SOFC is also capable of using natural gas, bio gas as its fuel.

Energy Server Architecture : 

Energy Server Architecture At the heart of every Energy Server is Bloom's patented solid oxide fuel cell technology. Each Energy Server consists of thousands of Bloom's fuel cells. Each cell is a flat solid ceramic square made from a common beach sand.

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Each Bloom Energy fuel cell is capable of producing about 25W... enough to power a light bulb. For more power, the cells are sandwiched, along with metal interconnect plates into a fuel cell "stack". A few stacks, together about the size of a loaf of bread, is enough to power an average home.

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In an Energy Server, multiple stacks are aggregated together into a "power module", and then multiple power modules, along with a common fuel input and electrical output are assembled as a complete system.

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In addition to Bloom's unmatched performance, this modular architecture offers... easy and fast deployment inherent redundancy for fault tolerance high availability (one power module can be serviced while all others continue to operate) mobility

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The Benefits of Bloom Energy : 

The Benefits of Bloom Energy Bloom Energy is clean, reliable and affordable all at the same time. Bloom's Energy Servers can produce clean energy 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, generating more electrons than intermittent solutions, delivering faster payback and greater environmental benefits for the customer. And while other DG systems may require lengthy installations, sunny locations, Bloom's systems are easy and fast to install, practically anywhere.. When you average it over seven days a week, 24 hours a day, the Bloom box puts out five times as much power that we can actually use

Sponsors of the project “Bloom Energy”: : 

Sponsors of the project “Bloom Energy”: Bloom Energy Servers are perfectly designed to meet the demanding needs of today's economically and environmentally minded companies

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