Free Trial for 28 Days posting Unlimited Number of

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Free Trial for 28 Days for posting Unlimited Number of Jobs

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We are pleased to announce that Jobsite is now launched. If you are in Europe, Middle East, UAE and Americas, this jobsite is for you.

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Please register either if you are a Jobseeker or Recruiter and then start benefiting from it immediately. May I suggest you post your resume NOW, so that you will be one of the first to be notified about the Jobs posted daily on the Jobsite.

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In order to apply for jobs you must register and upload/create your CV on . So don't delay, please post your resume now. It is FREE. And it is FREE for Employers or Recruiter too for 28 days to post unlimited Financial and Consulting Jobs.

Slide 5: Jobsite is making use of the best that high tech has to offer. Jobsite has lot of information for Jobseekers to prepare them for interviews and FAQ in the interviews, Tips on writing cover notes and writing a good CV. You will be able to learn this all from the comfort of your PC at home or in your office.

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If you are an employer or recruiter and have jobs, post it directly on the . And benefit from the promotion of 28 Days Free Trial and you can post unlimited number of jobs for Finance and Consulting. If you are a HR/Hiring Manager, feel free to post your jobs directly and it takes less than a minute and can dramatically change someone's life forever.

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Or if you know of someone who is looking to hire a quality staff, then please feel free to pass our details on. Please tell them to contact me or please tell me the contact so I can contact them. For your convenience I have provided the link below to get you started to Register as an employer:

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If you're looking for a job and have a resume please post your resume on and look at the jobs coming on daily basis. A job will NOT come to you, act now and change your life forever. Sometimes the best things in life ARE free!

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Contact Us 2 The Park Orlyn Park Lusk, Dublin IRELAND   Tel:  +353 1 843 842 0 Email:

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