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What not to do at a Disney park:

What not to do at a Disney park A guide to avoid being a tacky tourist By Shelby Quigley

Being a tourist:

Being a tourist Everyone loves to make fun of tourists, but at some point you will be one. There are ways to be a tourist without letting everyone know. You will see some of the craziest and tackiest people at Disney World. First lets start with what not to do. . .

Dress for the weather:

Dress for the weather You will look as silly as her The average temperature during the summer in Orlando is 92 degrees. Don’t wear a sweatshirt, because you will be hot and people will laugh at you.

Be comfortable :

Be comfortable You will have to change into slippers just like Gloria from Modern Family, does she look happy? Don’t wear a floor length dress and high heels to the park. You will be walking for 12 hours! You will be miserable and won’t be able to move by the end of the day. The average person walks 15 miles a day at a Disney park, some even more. No one wants to trip in front of thousands of strangers.

A No Brainer:

A No Brainer Even dads need to have style Socks with sandals are never acceptable, so why would they be at Disney? Fanny packs are just wrong, who invented those? You have just as much room in your pockets.

Don’t bring your house with you:

Don’t bring your house with you There is no need to bring a huge backpack or rolling suit case to the park with you. You could not possibly need that much stuff, unless you’re planning to hide out and live in the park. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my back to be killing me by the end of the day, your feet will already be sore enough.


Leashes Do not put your child on a leash, they aren’t a pet. If your child has a tendency to run off use a stroller or hold their hand at all times. Do not use a leash on your sun glasses, they aren’t going anywhere. They just look silly. Your shirt or head work just as well.

Just tacky. . . :

Just tacky. . . You wish you looked this cool in a Hawaiian shirt!! If you own more than one Hawaiian floral shirt it is probably too late to help you. Despite what most people think, everybody in Florida does not where Hawaiian shirts everyday.

Beer and kids don’t mix:

Beer and kids don’t mix This is meant for water or apple juice, not beer! You probably shouldn’t use the cup holder in your CHILD’S stroller to hold you beer. There needs to be boundaries with alcohol around children.

You’re not the only person in the park:

You’re not the only person in the park Don’t put your kid on your shoulder during a show or parade, other people would like to see too. Get there early and get a good spot. Don’t use your kid as your own personal bulldozer to get through the crowds. Is getting to a ride slightly faster worth your kid getting hurt?


Strollers Do not try to get in the handy-capped lines with a stroller, you are not handy-capped, you are just lazy. Fold up your stroller and wait in the normal line with everybody else.


Pictures Pictures are a great way to remember your trip, but not everything is worth remembering. A squirrel eating popcorn is probably not a story you will tell your grand children about.


Eating Do not eat a big meal right before a thrill ride. No one likes to throw up, and no one wants to see you throw up!

There are kids around:

There are kids around There are kids around so dress appropriately. No revealing clothes or crude graphic tees. Try not to swear, you don’t want to teach someone else's kid a new favorite phrase.

Line jumpers:

Line jumpers Do not try to cut in front of people at rides, that is just rude. You may think you are being sneaky, but trust me, people see you! Wait your turn like everyone else. If a line is just too long, get a fastpass and come back later . Hey! I see you lady in green, back of the line!

The Do’s:

The Do’s Now here are just some basic helpful hints, the Do’s if you will, to get the most out of your vacation.

Comfort comes first:

Comfort comes first Make sure you wear comfy clothes and shoes, you will be glad you did.

Rain, Rain, stay away. . .:

Rain, Rain, stay away. . . The average rain fall for Orlando in June is 8 inches. The rain may not last long when it comes, but you should still be prepared. Try to take either rain ponchos or and umbrella with you to the park each day, you never know when you might need it. See this guy was prepared! Now he has the WHOLE park to himself!

The last seat:

The last seat Everybody hates standing on the bus, but it can be especially difficult for some people. If you are on a full bus, consider giving up your seat for seniors, young children, or guests with special needs. If you are one of those or have young children, do not just assume someone will offer up their seat every time, it is not mandatory, and everyone is tired from all the walking.

Have Fun!:

Have Fun! The most important advise I can give you is to have fun. I know it is hot, crowded, expensive, and the lines can be long, but enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Many people never get to come back to Disney so enjoy the time you have there.

Spread the knowledge:

Spread the knowledge Now some of these tips may seem like common sense, but I have been to Disney well over twenty times and have seen everyone of these done multiple times. Follow these simple tips and you will avoid looking like a Tacky Tourist. You may even look like a real Florida native! You can make fun all of the other tourists who where not fortunate enough to see this guide.

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