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Slide2: +91-90000 08837 In over earlier blog, we covered the outcome of the survey that was conducted recently speaking to Homeowners and Interior Designers to understand the market dynamics with respect to challenges and issued they face. Refer to our earlier blog if you wish to see the survey results.

Slide3: +91-90000 08837 So What We Inferred From That Study? With the increased usage of digital spaces, there is huge collection of image reference online. Homeowners feel they have a better control and would be affordable if they use these reference images and get the work done by a local carpenter. Not knowing what gets into designing such spaces, Homeowners feels an Interior Designer is expensive and can be avoided by using these reference images.

Slide4: +91-90000 08837 Also, Interior Design as a specialized profession has only been recently recognized with dedicated courses and programs catered to this industry. Prior to this Architects and other allied professional would take up Interior works. Small time contractors and vendors who have taken up turnkey interior solutions have also started identifying themselves as Interior Designers, which has also lead to great confusion with Homeowners.

Slide5: +91-90000 08837 Homeowners opine that Home Interiors is not expensive and as time consuming as building a new home and doesn’t warrant much time planning and supervising the activity. They don’t foresee following standard project execution protocol such as formal engagement of vendors via contracts/agreements, and design detailing along with cost prior to beginning of execution as a priority. They tend to be quite happy with rough estimate without a detailed breakup provided by vendors as long as it is in their price range and suites their needs.

Slide6: +91-90000 08837 Many a times, Homeowners engage the Designer via verbal commitments and initiates the work. They spend much time initially designing the product and change it mid-away if they feel it is not up to their expectation. They go through extended durations of decision taking time which also cuts into the overall committed timelines. This is a major pain point between Homeowners and Designers as any decision change alters both the initial committed cost and timelines.

Slide7: +91-90000 08837 One critical observation we found was that none of the projects we surveyed were completed within stipulated budget and time; and this could be attributed to all the following factors: Minimal or no involvement of professional designer from the beginning. No detailed price breakup with material specifications provided in the beginning. No emphasis to design considering the site conditions. There could be many nooks and corners in the house which could be left out in the initial estimate if proper attention was not given. No formal engagement to ensure the commitments of both parties are clearly defined. While the vendor/designer stays with their commitments, it is also important the Homeowners makes decisions in time bound manner and stick to their end of commitments.

Slide8: +91-90000 08837 What the Homeowners can do to improve the situation? In order to ensure that the overall Home Improvement experience for Homeowners is improved, engaging a professional Interior Designer regardless of the quantum of work is highly recommendable.

Slide9: +91-90000 08837 While evaluating your designer option, ask for a detailed price breakup with material type and make as there is a wide price range for materials and the initial prices could be misleading. Make sure that the field measurements are properly captured taking care of demolitions works required, so that the initial price committed is accurate.

Slide10: +91-90000 08837 Irrespective of whether it a Designer or a Contract, execute a formal agreement so that the terms are clearly spelled out. Also ask for a detailed design with floor plans, elevations and views, sample boards, palette boards etc., to make sure that the design is well thought out and execution is well planned.

Slide11: +91-90000 08837 What the Designer can do to improve the situation? As for the Designers, it is important for them to understand that in most cases, a homeowner is taking up such activity for the first time and might have limited knowledge. Designer should empathize with the Homeowner and try to help them provide the best solution.

Slide12: +91-90000 08837 Regardless of the quantum of the work, they must insist on a work agreement and seek Homeowner consent prior to beginning work. Provide a detailed activity wise price breakup even if the homeowner didn’t ask. Help them understand the need and how it will help them make the right decision. Make every effort to support and guide the Homeowner and ensure they have all the information to make sound decisions initially. This will minimize changes and alternations in the future which could lead to both cost and time escalation.

Slide13: +91-90000 08837 As in the case of the any project irrespective of its size and quantum, it is not recommended to deviate from the standard execution protocols. Home renovation is no different than any other project and cutting short on initial steps such as design and cost detailing will surely bound to have a critical impact on the overall project and can lead to a disappointing experience.

Slide14: +91-90000 08837 We hope you find the contents in this article helpful and would be glad to hear about your experiences as well. You may write to us at in case if you would like to reach out to use. Feel free to get in touch with us, in case if you need help find your right Home Interior Partner! Regards, Email: - Call: - 91-900 000 8837

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