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Presentation Description | SmartSearch’s cloud-based document management software simplifies the process of creating and handling business documents, and can be used by a wide variety of industries.


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DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS For many industries, paper is a problem. The process of creating, editing, storing, and otherwise keeping track of all the documents that businesses create in their day-to-day operations can take up incredible amounts of man hours and resources - ultimately reducing internal efficiency. The award winning SmartSearch document management system is designed to fix that problem.


SmartSearch document management software is an intuitive, flexible content management system that makes handling paperwork easy. By letting users create, search, share, and edit documents through a cloud-based interface, SmartSearch can be used by a wide variety of industries to simplify their paperwork management processes, saving them time and money. WHY SMARTSEARCH?


SmartSearch has several features that make it the perfect choice for many industries: Easy to implement – SmartSearch is easy to adopt and highly customizable, making it simple for organizations to set up. Easy to use – SmartSearch is designed to be as intuitive as possible. Highly scalable – SmartSearch can be used by organizations of any size, and can be scaled to handle the workloads of small businesses to large enterprises. ONE SOLUTION, MANY INDUSTRIES


Some of the many industries that can utilize SmartSearch to reduce paper and simplify their document management processes include: Distribution Auto dealerships Healthcare Construction Education Government agencies Manufacturing Insurance Legal And more… SMARTSEARCH INDUSTRIES


SMARTSEARCH FOR DISTRIBUTORS Distribution companies have many kinds of paperwork to keep track of, including customer orders, delivery confirmations, and shipping schedules. SmartSearch simplifies the chaotic world of distribution documentation with tools like automated document capture and workflow automation. SmartSearch streamlines paperwork processes, making it easy to generate and track all important documents.


GOVERNMENT AGENCIES For local governments, responding to public inquiries requires being able to sort through and reference multiple types of official documentation quickly and accurately. SmartSearch can be used to manage police reports, court documents, and other official records efficiently and economically, allowing for faster response time and reduced operational costs.


HEALTHCARE SmartSearch’s secured database meets HIPAA regulations for document history logs and retention, making it the perfect digital paperwork platform for medical practices, insurance companies, and other healthcare sector organizations that handle sensitive and confidential patient records and other medical documents.


SMARTSEARCH Other uses for SmartSearch include: Handling customer service documentation Generating and tracking sales orders and invoices Tracking and storing tax records and other financial/legal documents Secure storage of employee and customer records And more… OTHER USES


Square 9 is the developer of award-winning document management solutions for businesses around the world. To learn more about their innovative products, visit . ABOUT SQUARE 9

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