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http://www.square-9.com/compliance/hipaa | Doctors, insurance companies, and other organizations that are responsible for handling sensitive medical information are all required to be HIPAA compliant, which can be a very confusing and time-consuming process. Using a document management system that automatically follows HIPAA regulations can greatly reduce the time and effort needed to be compliant.


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Keeping Patient Information Safe :

Keeping Patient Information Safe Businesses and organizations that work in the healthcare sector have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do their decisions affect the health of many people on a daily basis, they are also responsible for sharing, storing, and securing large amounts of customer and patient-sensitive medical data.

Healthcare Law :

Failing to keep track of and protect sensitive medical information doesn't just damage an institution's image with the public; it can also be a violation of federal and state laws, resulting in serious legal trouble for businesses and individuals alike. In particular, the use and distribution of private medical information is governed by HIPAA, or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Healthcare Law


HIPAA HIPAA is designed to protect patients' identifiable medical information, while also allowing for that information to be shared between institutions that need the information for healthcare and other important purposes. In other words, HIPAA's purpose is to allow doctors, insurance companies, government agencies, etc. to share and access an individual’s medical information as needed, while also protecting the individual’s right to privacy and medical confidentiality as much as possible.

HIPAA Compliance :

Any organization that meets HIPAA's criteria for being a "covered entity" must comply with HIPAA's rules and regulations. The exact classifications of what is and isn't a covered entity can be complex, but in general it includes: Health insurance companies HMOs Company health plans Government healthcare programs Health information processing companies and clearinghouses Doctors Pharmacies Nursing homes HIPAA regulations also extend to any business associates of covered entities that also handle or have access to medical information. HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Document Management :

HIPAA Document Management Like most federal regulations, HIPAA’s many rules are complex and often confusing, and keeping track of how to follow all of them can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. For some smaller organizations especially, keeping up with HIPAA compliance can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are document management software solutions to help businesses and organizations stay HIPAA compliant.

SmartSearch :

SmartSearch SmartSearch Document Management is a program designed to make institutions HIPAA compliant quickly and effortlessly. SmartSearch automatically meets all HIPAA document management and security guidelines, and gives users the tools to store, share, and destroy information in a secure manner.

SmartSearch Security Features :

SmartSearch Security Features SmartSearch's security system meets all HIPAA guidelines, and includes such features as: Unique user identification Full administrative control over access levels Quick and easy image redaction Scheduled destruction of information at the end of its lifecycle And more

More SmartSearch Features :

More SmartSearch Features Some of the other features of SmartSearch include:   Document views and edits tracking Automatic removal of sensitive data   Thanks to document management software like SmartSearch , being HIPAA compliant is within the reach of every healthcare organization, no matter how big or small. By making patients' information more secure while also allowing it to be accessed even more quickly and efficiently than before, document management systems are improving the healthcare industry for institutions and individuals alike.


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