What is ISO 9001 Compliance?


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http://www.square-9.com/document-management-software | ISO 9001 quality management standards help businesses and other organizations create workflow and document handling procedures that meet high standards of efficiency and security. In order to become ISO 9001 compliant, companies must either obtain certification or use document management software that meets ISO 9001 standards.


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What Is ISO 9001 Compliance ?


ISO 9001 is a set of quality management standards that regulates how a business or organization creates, processes, and stores its documents. The purpose of ISO 9001 is to provide companies proven guidelines for handling documents in ways that increase efficiency, productivity, and security. ISO 9001 has become increasingly popular with manufacturers and government entities over the past few years, and many companies are now specifically seeking out partners who are ISO 9001 compliant. What Is ISO 9001?


Why ISO 9001? ISO 9001 is a popular standard for document management because it has been proven to be both easy to use for employees and to improve customer service and internal efficiency. Its standards are applicable to organizations in every industry, and can be used by businesses of any size.  


ISO 9001 Standards ISO 9001 creates a process by which tasks can be completed for maximum efficiency. While each company can have its own unique process, in order to be ISO 9001 certified, a process has to have:   Adequate security measures to protect documents and data Effective auditing procedures to ensure quality management A simple to use document control process that can be easily monitored and prevents errors A document approval process that can identify and describe the activities of every user


How to Become ISO 9001 Compliant Becoming ISO 9001 compliant isn't as easy as just changing some internal processes and claiming your organization meets a set of standards. Some manufacturing entities are required to become officially ISO 9001-certified, which can be a time-consuming process that takes several months. Alternately, organizations can purchase document management software to help reach ISO 9001 compliance without the need for full certification.


ISO 9001 Compliant Software Square 9's SmartSearch document management software is fully ISO 9001 compliant and makes meeting quality management standards effortless. SmartSearch's innovative features and capabilities include:   Strong security measures Easy auditing Document control and versioning A structured approval process Automated workflow management


Security and Auditing ISO 9001 compliance requires strong security measures. SmartSearch meets these standards with:   Individualized access controls preventing unauthorized access Built -in document audit trails tracking users, dates, and times History log detailing every document’s creation and updates Storage that ensures every document is preserved in a legible and identifiable manner


Document Versioning and Control ISO 9001 compliance also requires that an organization's process for handling documents makes it easy to monitor their flow and prevent errors. To meet these guidelines, SmartSearch includes the following features:   Capturing and indexing of documents from external sources Advanced document identification and revision tracking Making all versions of documents available


Workflow Approval SmartSearch also meets ISO 9001 compliance by creating an appropriate work routine structure that maintains security and efficiency as tasks are assigned and completed. These features allow organizations to implement quality management procedures that increase productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness through advanced workflow capabilities.


About Square 9 Square 9 Softworks is an award winning developer of scanning and document control solutions that enables its customers to realize their dream of a paperless office. Square 9's intuitive, easy-to-use programs can simplify any paper-based process, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. Contact Square 9 at (203) 789-0889 or visit www.square-9.com .

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