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Presentation Description | We shuffle through some of the great benefits businesses can expect from Hire to Retire – a truly innovative HR software solution from Square 9.


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Human Resources Made Easy:

Human Resources Made Easy Streamline your processes with the innovative Hire to Retire software solution

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A Human Resources department is all about the people, policies and processes of a business – but to most it feels like it’s all about the paperwork. What if we were to tell you there is a solution that could help you streamline your HR-centric paperwork and make forms easier for your employees? On the next few pages we are going to shuffle through some of the great benefits you can expect from Hire to Retire – a truly innovative HR software solution from Square 9 Softworks.

Full-Service :

Full-Service The Hire to Retire system accurately lives up to its name. Starting with applications, the system moves along with candidates as they are hired and then through their entire employment – benefits, expense reports, performance evaluations and more. All of your paperwork is right at your fingertips. No longer will you have to search through file cabinets and storage rooms.

Paperless :

Paperless Hire to Retire requires no actual paper for your paperwork. The system uses secure online forms and is e-Sign compliant. This means that the system can accept “wet” signatures to ensure proper creation of your employees’ files. Files are available through an easy to use browser interface, which allows employees to complete their entire onboarding packet remotely through a mobile or tablet device. S ince the system is web-based, all of your records are secured while still accessible through convenient web access – regardless of browser.

Secure Documents :

Secure Documents The system is designed to ensure that all of your employee information is kept private and secure. Hire to Retire meets all HIPAA guidelines. Only the people you allow access to the system will be granted permission.

One Time Entry :

One Time Entry Most forms in the HR department require manual entry of the same information, over and over again. By using the old paper form method, your employees are wasting valuable time filling out each page. That is not the case anymore! With Hire to Retire , once an employee has entered information into a field, that information will automatically be entered in the future – meaning the employee only has to enter their name, address, social s ecurity n umber, etc. ONCE.

Employee Access :

Employee Access Your employees can use the system to submit a wide variety of forms from the comfort of their own home. Here are just a few of the documents offered: Direct deposit forms Time off requests Expense reports Benefits change requests Once the documents are completed and submitted, the manager or HR representative will be notified.

SmartSearch :

Smart Search All of your company’s employee files and documents are immediately accessible with just a few strokes of the keyboard, thanks to SmartSearch document management. This powerful and intuitive tool can find the exact file or form you need within a matter of seconds. During the hiring process, SmartSearch will automatically eliminate repetitive data, for any instance of a candidate submitting the same information twice.

Everything On Time :

Everything On Time Whether you have ten employees or hundreds, it can be difficult to stay on top of your employees’ benefits. Hire to Retire can automatically assign reminders, as well as enrollments and 401k information. Managers will receive an automatic message notifying them of any action that is required of them.

Contact Us:

Contact Us Since 2001, Square 9 Softworks has become a leading developer of scanning and document control solutions. Square 9’s award-winning flagship product – SmartSearch – is a highly intuitive document management software that can be effortlessly adapted to any field within a paper intensive process. With a commitment to cutting edge technologies and by meeting the evolving needs of their customers, Square 9 has transformed into an international success. 203-789-0889

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