Cloud Enabled Document Management

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Presentation Description Could cloud enabled document management be the answer for your company? Check out what cloud document management entails and how you can benefit.


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Cloud Enabled Document Management:

Cloud Enabled Document Management

Why Choose Cloud Based Document Management?:

Why Choose Cloud Based Document Management? Cloud enabled document management is the best way to store and access your files. A digital filing system allows you to retrieve information from any cloud enabled device regardless of location, so that you are not tied down to your office or office computer. The Cloud is basically the same thing as a Wide Area Network (WAN), only your application server is in a different area than the users.

Where to Host?:

Where to Host? The first question you need to ask when switching to a cloud enabled document manager is “where do I host?” There are a lot of different hosts to choose from, and they all have their pros and cons. Some of the most commonly used hosts are: Google Amazon Microsoft However, there are other companies that often offer better pricing plans and customizable levels of service.

Which Way Will You Connect?:

Which Way Will You Connect? The next question to consider is “how will I connect to the hosted application?” Some methods of connection are: VPN Strategies Citrix X2 Remote Desktop Session The easiest method is the VPN approach, and it works well for most companies. The only problem with the VPN approach is the possibility of experiencing some lags when retrieving large image files.

Size Matters:

Size Matters Though some Cloud applications present pure data, document management includes scanning in image files. This takes up a lot more space, so you have to take that into consideration. When scanning your files, make sure to scan at a resolution that is not greater than 300 DPI, and also try to avoid scanning in color. If you don’t, your files will be too large to retrieve without lag and they can take up a lot of space, bandwidth, and CPU.

Consider Critical Design :

Consider Critical Design Cloud enabled document management is not a one-size-fits-all type of deal. You have to consider why your business wants to use the cloud and plan accordingly. Consider the following three issues: 1. Organizational Resources If you’re a smaller company with limited IT resources, you might want to think about getting a highly managed cloud model where someone else takes over the administration of your application. A larger organization can choose to allocate some of their own IT resources to manage their application internally.

Consider Critical Design Cont’d:

Consider Critical Design Cont’d 2. Productivity Objectives What is the objective of your company? Do you want to use paperless office software to help reduce the amount of paper your business uses to conserve space? If so, then cloud enabled document management is probably the best solution for you. However, if you need to extract high value data from your cloud application in order to transfer it to other applications so that you can leverage workflow, then an internal system is probably better. 3. Document Attributes Once again, scanned documents take up a lot of space. That means if you need to scan ultra high resolution documents in full color, you probably shouldn’t use the Cloud.

Make the Switch Today!:

Make the Switch Today! The B ottom Line If you’re looking for a digital filing cabinet to store regular office documents to get rid of wasted space and reduce the amount of paper your office uses, then cloud enabled document management is exactly what your company needs.


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