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Good dog Mark Valentine, a firefighter and California Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 5 team member, greets his rescue dog, Val, after arriving at the Orange County Fire Authority headquarters to deploy to Haiti after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rattled that country.

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Window to the world A group of orangutans look out through a hole in the wall of their enclosure at the zoo in the western German city of Gelsenkirchen.

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Snowball fight! A Japanese macaque makes a snowball at the zoo in Stuttgart, Germany

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Lazy lizard A chameleon basks in the sun during winter in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Keeping warm isn't the only reason chameleons and other cold-blooded critters bask in the sun; they alter their sunbathing behavior based on their need for vitamin D.

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Unlikely dance partner An entertainer dances with a cow during a show in the town of Choachi, Colombia. The man is a member of Tintin and his Bullfighter Dwarves, a group of clowns that performs around Colombia.

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This little piggy stayed home A sow and her piglets walk in the snow on a pig farm in Thame, near Oxford, southern England.

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Panda power Panda, a border collie, noses samples of smells at the Dogs Against Cancer for Life charity foundation in Gyomro, Hungary. Dogs of the foundation can recognize malignant tumors by sniffing air samples exhaled by humans.

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Hanging with mom A week-old baby gorilla cuddles with its mother at Budapest Zoo in Budapest, Hungary. The newborn gorilla is the first offspring of its mother.

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Seeing red A cardinal chases a wren away from a feeder near Maysville, Ky.

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Say a little prayer A camel walks past Hindu devotees offering prayer during a solar eclipse in the Tawi River in Jammu, India. In northern India, thousands of devout Hindus were expected to mark the eclipse by taking a dip in the frigid waters of the sacred Ganges river.

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Feeling dreamy A fish swims near British artist Jason de Caires Taylor's sculpture "The Collector of Lost Dreams" in Cancun, Mexico.

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Cow cuddle Ben Doll of Linville, Pa., sleeps with his cow, Treat, during the final hours of the 2010 Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pa.

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Pigeon Pride Pigeon fanciers peruse the entries as they gather for the British Homing World Show in Blackpool, England.

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Bless you! Father Juan Villar blesses a turtle at the Church of San Anton during the feast of St. Anthony, Spain's patron saint of animals, in Madrid. The feast is celebrated each year in many parts of Spain and people bring their pets to churches to be blessed.

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Dog is My Copilot A dog guards his owner's Saab at a parking lot in Muiden, the Netherlands. Several hundred Saab owners drove their cars from Soesterberg to Muiden to protest General Motors' intention to shut down Saab.

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